There's no excuse

For your cold dark heart.

There's no excuse

For how you tore me apart.

My love's bright burning bedwarfed the sun,

I felt what I will never feel for another one.

How could you not feel the radiance of my love for you?

How could you ever think I would be anything but true?

I fell for one without a soul,

Her malevolance upon me took its toll.

Apparently I was not enough for her,

She treated me as a lowly cur.

There's just no excuse

For the pain you made me feel.

There's just no excuse

For the layers of my heart you did peel.

Now a broken man and as soulless as she,

Happy is one thing I'll never be.

Now drained of all my former mirth,

To me life has lost it's worth.

I now suffer Icarus's plight,

For I reached too high in my flight.

Shot down from the sky in despair,

I wander helpless, going nowhere.

There can never be an excuse

For destroying the soul of another.

There can never be an excuse

For smashing their being asunder.

And yet I saw it all coming,

And was still fool enough to try.

Instead of turning and running,

I led myself off to die.

Why could I ever be so foolish?

I thought that I'd never be alive if I never tried,

I learn my lesson all to late,

Not being alive is better than being dead.

There's no excuse,

I am the source of all my pain.

There's no excuse,

I'll never be fool enough to love again.