The Masquerade

A mask to wear for the ball

Hair held up by pins.

Dress reaching the floor

The scene seems perfect.

But something seems out of place

She can't figure it out

Twirls in front of the mirror

Maybe she's the only one who can see the flaw

Maybe the mask just isn't good enough.

A mask to wear to the party

Hair tied up in a delicate bun.

Strapless dress that simply looks divine.

She seems to look perfect.

She can't help but to notice

Something is out of place.

"Do I look good?"

"You look perfect."

"This mask doesn't match"

"You look perfect."

Maybe she's the only one who can see the flaw

Maybe she's the only one who to look careful enough

A bride to be,

Stands in front of a mirror.

In her white dress

Hoping he is the one

Though she knows

This mask doesn't feel right

No one noticed it

She'll keep on wearing it

No one has the heart to tell her

That her mask simply looks


She wears a mask

A happy mask

To conceal

A sad mask

She wears a mask to the ball

She wear a mask to the party

She wears a mask for life.

Feeling odd.

Classic Trick