Fragile Carving


Never knew the meaning of fragility

Before I felt myself, crumble

Chipping away at the wakes of life

Eroding the very flesh I wear.

- - -

Saltine tears weather away

At this statue I had once known

When spoken words left nothing

But a single lasting impression.

- - -

But words dripping with acid

Eat away the lime-lining

Until nothing but gaping pores

Reveal wounds of times past.

- - -

Alas, unspoken expressions

More vile than the blackest poisons

Cancerously spread inside

With agony and regret.

- - -

It burns. It burns.

This growing pain within…

Within what used to be my heart

Grows… And burns.

- - -

Stay away. Stay away.

I'll fall apart from…

From words that leave scars behind

From unspoken words.

- - -

Don't touch me. Hands off.

Must continue eroding

For the sake of punishment

To reflect upon what I've done.

- - -

"I'm sorry, dear friend."

That's all I wanted to say to you

Before murderous crafty hands

Carved me into the monster, I am.