A/N: I get very bored at work so I write things in my head. This is one of the few to make it to paper. I bet you can't tell that I was bored at all. Disclaimer: THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE CREE INDIANS!!!! I DID NOT EVEN REALIZE THEY EXISTED UNTIL AFTER I WROTE THIS!!!!

I awoke last night in a turbid sea,

The captain of the ship, he said to me:

"I welcome you aboard our ship The Giddy & Glee

Your presence now makes three

It's you and me and Bethany

And we're out to slay the Cree!"

"Where shall we find this Cree?"

Asked Bethany

"The Cree slumbers in the quiet sea."

Said Captain Lee

"I know as well as thee,

There is no tepid sea!"

Cried Me

"Aye!" Said old Bob Lee

"But there be a Cree!

And as long as there be a Cree,

There will be a silent sea."

"How shall I know this Cree?"

I inquired of Captain Lee

"His scales are green and oily,

And his breath, it smells of tea!"

"And of his eyes?" I asked with jimmery

"Of his eyes? There be three!"

"This Cree is truly a bad enemy,

To meet alone at sea!"

"Of the Bandersnatch, Jabberwock, Cree,

Which be the fiercest of the three?"

"Tis the Cree!"

Cried old Bob Lee

"Against the Cree,

The Bandersnatch is a flea

And the Jabberwock no better than me!"

"How will you kill this Cree?"

I asked of Captain Lee

"With my Axe of Dree!"

He said in certainty.

"Avast!" cried Bethany

From the tree

That grew only in the sea

"What is it?" cried We

"Guess what I see!" said she

"What?! What do you see?!"

"Out 'tween the oceans of Tander and Caballee,

There swims the Cree!"

"The Cree?!"

"Yes, The Cree!"

"Bring me my Axe of Dree!"

Cried old Captain Lee

So I brought him his Axe of Dree.

We embarked out on the sea,

And across the waves we walked to meet the Cree.

He reared his head and chottled his kee,

He bared his teeth (His breath like tea)

Long we battled the subjectous Cree

Till he ate the arm of Bobby Lee

"No more can I fight!" Cried he,

Long staring stood Bethany

Who of blood and gore did never see

I continued to fight the enemy

Till I was grabbed by that zanderous Cree

"Help me!"

I cried to Bethany

"No more can I flee!"

Broken willed stepped she,

In the path of the naggrid Cree

She swung the Axe of Dree

And cut off the creature's kee

It screaled and was angry

It flashed its teeth (And breathed its breath of tea)

Bethany screamed in pain as she was cut in three

I screamed in rage "CREE!

Make haste to do battle with me!

And taking the falumbrious Axe of Dree

I slew that hated Cree

I ran to my beloved Bethany

Lying in three

Next to the kee


I cried, "It cannot be!

"My love was for thee

And thine for me!"

"Oh sorrowful day to be!

There's nothing left butold deadLee,

The Cree,

And pieces of Bethany!

Woe is me to lose it all to that zanderous Cree!"

I buried them side by side, all three:

The Captain, Bethany, and the Cree

And Iwas left alone out on the tepid sea