Synopsis of Dreams

Catacombs of memories
Woven into webs of thought
Remembering and missing the past,
Forgiving what others forgot

Weaver of dreams, thief of memories,
The Subconscious Mind,
Takes only what has been known and felt:
A film of thoughts, combined.

Hypnotized by the beckoning weariness,
Away from all certainty,
Tangled into an intricate web of thought
Waking to find the world of Reverie

Cleverly created by the Dream Weaver
Each stitch of imagination made real
Endless possibilities, not a hint of doubt
Tricked by the mind to actually feel

Haunting with the memories of pain,
This Thief manipulates thought,
Latent emotions, not wanted to be retrieved,
Falls onto the web; tangled; caught--

Awakened! Warped back to reality
But the Mind still weaves:
If the forgotten are vividly sensed in dreams
Does the past ever leave?

What motive does Subconscious hold
To make one believe in a lie?
Whether the vision brings Utopia or Hell
The Conscious still wonders, "Why?"

This Weaver of Dreams, Thief of Memories,
Enemy of the Conscious Mind
Defies Logic, ensnares Reason in a twisted web.
Reality and fantasy thus entwined

Sandie Cheng

Author's Note: Last year (2005), near...October ish, this was submitted to some PTSA contest with the theme "I Wonder Why..." Obviously, the people didn't like it because this poem doesn't really relate to the theme. I guess I got a bit carried away. Hehe.