shut that traphole of yours & polish your sins on his dusty fingertips; that charmed necklace he keeps fiddling with!
i'm jealous.
idare you: run.

delicately pluck the rose petals off, thenthat little pinch of salt. what did it remind you of?

It Hides.

idare you: speak.
milk, poured down his nose makes it run through salves of lust&love. (and lovey-dovey lust.)
idare you: love.

bamboo; strike and leave that gnashing (hideously seductive) grin behind while you fumble. look, look; he's trying to help you up. later, father, i've sinned. "nonsense," grim. he knows nothing but God.

idare you: fall.
and let me see; rewind. his aura engulfs you and makes you dive into somewhat a realm of mystique. fuck.

what did you say?

Whimper. Whimper. Whimper. Whimper.

Oh just explore this mouth of mine & let me keep what's yours. He'd die, baby. But as we all know; that coffin has to fit somebody.


a/n: i love to tease.