War Poems

Poem #1: In One Instant

In One Instant

In one instant
Everything can change
Lovers may die
Children cry
Because they're left estrange

In one instant
Pain becomes our world
Left to cry
We live a lie
Because hate has been unfurled

Can't you see
What this hate does
How the children cry?
Parents lost
A painful cost
For humans living lives

In one instant
A dream can be shattered
Though lovers gone
Our hope is strong
We can somehow make it better

In one instant
A mother takes up arms
To do her best
To save the rest
No more sons be harmed

Can't you see
The ones we kill
Have done nothing for this pain?
The ones we love
Are sent above
Quite the high-stakes game

In one instant
Time can stand stone still
Love is gone
How'd it go wrong
To you his life was nil

In one instant
Meaning can be lost
No use of life
With all this strife
Happiness was tossed

Can't you see
The ones you killed
Never lost their shine
Though they're dead
Fore good-byes said
We know that they are fine

In one instant
Their souls are left in peace
And though we cry
Can't say good-bye
This knowledge gives release

In one instant
We have to just move on
Smiles are found
Our memories sound
We're left to face the dawn

Can't you see
War brings us nowhere
And hatred knows no bounds
No need to fight
Keep love in sight
Imagine what can be found