My perception of life has always been false

I am doomed to repeat what I once had achieved

There is no turning back

I must face what is true, or shall perish much to soon

By deceiving my senses that have tried not to be

What was done many times

Was To dwell on the past, and cry in the future

living on my own clock, a clock of allusion

My skin starts to fade out, and so does my mind

I am stuck in between, two worlds

One evil, one good

But to find the truth, I must seek deep beneath me

Beneath my flesh and bone, into a whole new way

seeing what I have become

A monster indeed, with teeth and intention

To kill for who ever

Is ever in me

Indeed an allusion

For life is all but one thing

Life is heaven, life is us

But for sure hell it aint me

For I am now inside a red bubble

Waiting to go out

And breath, see myself

In my transformation

I feel, see, crisper

I speak in many languages

I am an eternal being with virtue and patience

I am who I want to be

What I am

Is what you see.