a/n: Easily the strangest thing I've ever written. Based on a dream I had some time ago.

sat high up on the Ferris wheel in this strange carnival, full of fading sky and littered ground. lights shone bright, bright, bright and quiet like lighthouse in the fog, or fireflies in the meadow. or just dimming light bulbs because the board is too cheap to replace them.

there were three boys. one was red and one was dark and one was gold. loved them all.


wheeled above the skyline like airplanes in a fourth of July celebration, and wasn't dizzy. not at all. stared through a glass window and dropped a coke can and watched it fall, fall to the ground, and burst in a sparkle of torn aluminum and glittering amber liquid that fizzed when it touched the floor.

think the chase was the best.

somebody's mother called and one by one they vanished into the chaos, like gazelles (emo kids of the savannah) slipping into lined trees and disappearing like dust. misses the dark boy most of all because he smells and sounds and feels like ink on paper, the second love.

swung from colorful plastic playground to a ladder of red rope that went nowhere. there is something so sad about that.

wants pizza really bad. that is the message.

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