ah, well...i wrote this almost immediately after Waiting for Sunrise. and i was going to save it, but i just can't! it's impossible for me to do so. i write them, i post them.

even though...i must warn ya'll that this has...some explicit types of sexual description. more so than i would normally use, but...it's also not quite as bad as it could be. i also rely a lot more on dialogue in many places...strange how that turned out.

and yes, it's another incestual one shot. do i ever get tired of these? sometimes. just not lately. (laughs) hope you read it through until the end!

oh, one irrevelant note: merry b-day dad! (one day early, yeah)

Saturday, 26 March, 2006. 1:39 am.

I lugged out the camcorder and tripod as soon as my parents had pulled out of the driveway, pulling it from the hiding place on the top shelf of my closet, from the very back. I'd bought this some few months ago, and have been waiting for the perfect time to use it. And now…I think it has finally reached that point.

My eyes were critical as I set it up, trying to find the right angle and distance from my bed, hoping that the light coming in from these upstairs windows was all right. Then, figuring that I was done, I took a breath and pushed play.

Now to find the key player to join me.

I basically skipped (more like bounded, actually) down the stairs to the rec. room, a small grin on my face as I saw my fourteen year old brother studiously playing the Gamecube, sitting on his butt with his knees in front and legs splayed back behind him…god, I can't even attempt to pull such a position anymore, I'm no longer limber enough for it. It makes him look so adorable though…I want to eat him.

And so I shall, one way or another.

He was so absorbed into his racing game that he didn't look at me as I approached him, not until I was standing right before him and blocking his view of the television.

"Randy, move!" He was irritable, which is to be understood; hell, if he were to block my way when I was playing, I'd probably lay into him with a swift punch to the stomach and think nothing of it.

"No. Come on upstairs, instead."

He raised an abrasively belligerent eyebrow at me, and said, "Screw you, I'm playing a game."

I bent over and hissed, "And I'm the one in charge here, dickhead, so move yer ass!"

He heaved a grumbling sigh and threw the controller to the side in a mild hissy fit, stomping over to the television to shut it off before walking from the room, closely followed by myself. Up the stairs, down the hallway…and I shoved him into my room, shutting the door behind us with an obvious click of the lock.

"What's this?"

He seemed baffled and confused, turning to look at me and ask another question, but I'd already quickly moved into gear and practically threw him onto the bed. He jerked upright almost as soon as he hit the mattress and starting shrieking with indignant anger, but I was already crawling over on top of him, forcing him to lie back down.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing??"

"Ooh, so angry. Better chill, Jerry, or I'll make you shut your mouth right quick."

He again struggled, attempting to throw me off, but I'm three years older, and much stronger.

"Fuck off, get off me, fucker!" he roared, and my palm slapped over his mouth as I held him down to the mattress.

"I said chill. You let me do this my way, and you'll come out without bruises."

And he bit me, driving teeth deep into my hand, but not hard enough to draw blood. So I smacked him without thought, making him hiss a low, "Ouch," just before I stroked his cheek and bent down to kiss him in sincere apology. He resisted it of course, biting my tongue when I shoved it into his mouth, and I grunted from the pain of it.

Hissing, I pulled back and wiped my lips, ignoring the ache in my tongue as I bit out, "Fine, we're even now."

"Then get off!" He thrust his hips up as he tried to throw me, but I ground my pelvis down against him, causing a sharp gasp of shocked arousal to rip from him instead.

"Liked that, didn't ya? Good boy, Jerry, I think you're popping wood."

He flushed at my sensual drawl, his face twisting away to avoid my smirking eyes. My fingers found his chin and forced him to look over at the camcorder, turning my head to stare straight at the lens.

"You're caught on camera, Jerry. Caught popping wood. Caught being dirty with your own brother."

Tears came to his eyes, and he didn't resist when I kissed him again, letting me invade my swirling tongue against his own, the kiss deep and bruising.

"Please, let me go."

His words were haltingly pleading, and my heart stirred for a moment, nearly forgetting my lust as I was hit with a massive wave of the love I have for him. But then I frowned and thrust my hand beneath his shirt, searing his skin with my sweaty palm.

"No. Be a good boy for me, brother, be my good boy."

His lip disappeared between his teeth, his face reddening as I found his nipples and began to toy with them, pushing his shirt up to his chin and exposing his teenager chest to me. Just beginning to grow the hair common to the Andrews men; Dad alone is pretty furry, and I've got my fair crop on my person. He stiffened his body when I ducked my head and eagerly sucked his taut nipple, a hard and very wet open-mouthed kiss to his chest.

"Don't…." A weak protest, and I easily ignored it.

He was still tense as I eased up on him, pulling back enough to touch my own abdomen this time as I stared at him, seeing his eyes trying so very hard not to follow the simple movements of my hands and fingers.

"Like my body, Jerry? It's hot, isn't it? Just as much as yours; you're fucking hot bro, I want you all the time. You make me so horny…."

He swallowed, and I felt his boner poke at my rear end as he subtly tried to shift, no longer actively fighting to get away from me anymore.


I removed my shirt without trouble, knowing that the hair on my head was now in funky tufts everywhere, but that was ok. I'm not quite so vain that such a thing would chaff me much. I was instead overwhelmed with the want to feel his body beneath mine, to make that first real contact.

His eyes comically widened as I crawled over him, hovering as I situated myself until able to lower down and cover his body with my own. My arms wrapped on either of his shoulders, placing my elbows square against the bed as I supported my weight off of his chest enough for him to breath.

His breathing was already off enough as it is, his lips parted as he stared at me with dilated eyes, causing me to lean down and whisper, "What happened to your fight, bro?"

He jerked at my reminding, a dark scowl appearing as he verbally hissed, "Just stop this, Randy!"

I smirked, and he opened his mouth to hiss another demand, but I had ducked my head and captured his words instead, muffling him into disgruntled noises. When I pulled away, he again had tears of shame welling in his eyes, turning his face away as he let out a tiny sob beneath me.

Again, that stab of love hit me, but I ignored it in favor of lightly sucking on his neck, gradually making my way down to his chest, and ultimately, his navel. He was stiff all over, eyes scrunched tight as he let out muted sobbing breaths, his fingers fisted up in my sheets and blankets as I aroused his body beyond his control.

"You sure like this treatment, for all you're saying no." I teased, and his knee jerked up and made contact with my left flank, causing me to hiss and flatten his legs again as I felt the slow ache developing in my ribs.

His eyes were burning into mine with something akin to hatred, his mouth twisted as he spat, "Fucking ass!"

"Hmph…I'll be fucking your ass, don't worry."

He bellowed with rage, abruptly twisting his body as he again attempted to throw me off of him, but it was easy for me to use my weight to my advantage.

"You're at my mercy, Jerry…and that makes me so fucking hard, I want your virgin ass to be mine."

"You son of a bitch!" His chest was heaving as he seethed, trying to overcome his body's shiver my words had caused.

"Ah-ah-ah, easy now. If I'm a son of a bitch, then you are just as much of one, as we are both sons of the same woman. And I think Mom would be most upset to hear you calling her a bitch, hm?"

"Oh sure, same as if I told her that you've taken advantage of me!"

I paused at his threat, sizing up his ability to actually carry it out. But then I smirked and pulled back and onto my knees, shaking my head.

"I don't think that that would be wise, bro. Wanna know why?"

He simply glared at me, and I stood on my knees, thrusting my hips outwards as I plucked the button of my jeans from its fastenings, yanking down the zipper and spreading open the flaps enough to work my dick from my pants.

I was already seriously hard, and I lightly stroked my erection, seeing his wide eyes pulled to the action.

"This here, imagine what it would do if it cornholed you dry."

Again with the tears, and I hissed angrily, "Fucking stop with the waterworks, you sniveling baby!"

"Please don't rape me, please…." He was still sobbing, hiccupping slightly as he increased his tears to spite me. So I reached out and coldly slapped him, knocking his face aside and making him cry out with pain and alarm.

"I said stop that." His eyes were wounded and frightened of me for the first time, and I smirked, loving that he was now unsure of my actions, more so than before. A red mark was developing on his face, his tears never ceasing although he'd quit sobbing altogether.

"I don't want to hit you again, Jerry, so don't make me." My voice was softer now, and he hastily shook his head that he wholeheartedly agreed with me on that one. Good. Because seeing him like that had torn me up inside.

I love my brother you know, I love him so much that it makes me ache inside to think of it most of the time. It makes me ache when I lie awake during the night, wanting to do exactly what I'm doing right now. And the camera's there so that I'll never forget this, ever.

I leaned down and traced a finger down his forehead to the tip of his nose, saying quietly, "I love you Jerry. You're gonna be all mine, today."

His hand shoved me back, foul words spilling from his twisted lips, "Fucking bastard, you sick pervert! You claim you love me, but you'll fucking rape me? What kind of sicko are you! I'll call the police!"

"Oh yes, call them, bro. Tell them you were raped, and I didn't even have to tie you up to do it. But I can, if you want."

His fist connected with my shoulder, but I chose to let it slide in favor of forcing him to follow through with his precarious position, rolling him onto his stomach and leaning most of my weight down on him.

"That was the hard part." I panted, and he growled something beneath his breath; I wasn't giving him much room for anything more than that. And I was growing impatient now, so I reached under him and fought his struggles as I managed to undo his jeans, my fingers getting squashed more than once or twice in the process. But he eventually quit that when I grabbed a firm hold of his crotch, my fingers steely through his jeans and persuading him to lie still for me.

Then my fingers were hooked in the waist of his jeans and I began to tug, causing him to whimper out, "Please, don't do this! Randy, I beg of you!"

Did I listen to him before this point? I don't think so. It's too late to turn back now anyway.

"Not very convincing you know, not when I feel how turned on you are." I mused, making him shudder as I started tugging down his jeans, making sure to snag a hold on his boxer shorts as well. And his rounded butt was revealed to me, and I couldn't resist in leaning forward and slipping my warm tongue up one of those cheeks of his.

"Fuck, that's gross!" he hollered, squirming again as his knees tried to come up beneath him. Smirking, I allowed him the movement, yanking his hips into place and towards me.

"Saving me the work, eh?" I drawled, and his head twisted around, snarling choice expletives at me.

Still, I kept my grip on his hips firm, reaching into my back pocket for the small vial I had placed there beforehand.

"Man, you look so small…gonna take some stretching to make you loose." He froze at my words, before babbling words and pleas at me, his tears evident in his voice.

"I'm not going to hurt you, shut up." My words were cross as I eyed that entrance, but then I was pouring a bit of the slick oil onto my fingers to let it warm up a bit. He was still as I touched him, tense when I began to gently probe.

"Loosen up, I can't get in if you're squeezing me out." I directed, and he sucked in a shaky breath.

"I can't, Randy…please…."

And as he was distracted with talking, I was able to get past, making him shoot out a sharp curse as he tried to pull away.

"Get out, get out of me!" He was panicking, whining that I was hurting him even though I was as gentle as could be in moving that oil around.

"Number two, get ready." I informed him, not really as much of a warning as it should have been, because I was already working on the third.

"It hurts, don't….please, it hurts!"

"Then relax!"

He sobbed at my command, but tried to do as I'd said, willing his muscles to give.

"That's a good boy, Jerry, my good boy. Now…here comes the hard part." I didn't give him time to protest before I was attempting to push inside of him, biting my lip with the intense concentration needed for this part.

"Randy, it hurts! It burns me, take it out, please take it out!!" He was really crying now, sobbing and weeping but not moving in fear of hurting himself even more.

"It hurts so bad…."

I felt horrible for this, but god damn…he made me feel so good, I can't bear to stop this now.

"Jerry, you feel so tight on me, god I love you!"

He was still crying when I started to really move in earnest, my skin hitting against his with a faint noise, jerking him forward even as I was pulling him back again.

I was forgetting myself in this, and heard him give a low moaning, "God, you're not deep enough yet, Randy. Come'n, fuck me!"

"Don't say that!" I ordered, but I couldn't stop myself from giving into his demands, pushing him down into a more extreme angle, pushing for that spot I had yet to find. He let me know when I found it, his fingers twisting into the blankets until they were sheer white and very little pink, gasping out moaning curses to match mine.

This never gets old, I swear to fucking god.

He came early, forcing me to still as he gasped out his orgasmic cries; I was trembling with the force of my need to get off as well.

"Wanna suck you." He panted, and I groaned and pulled out of him, spreading my legs as I leaned back, my fingers already trying to make me come.

Only, he shoved them out of the way once he'd turned around, going down on me without any compunction or distaste, even though my dick had been up his ass. I can't do it, but he always likes it this way. Sick pervert. As always, it wasn't long until I came, thrusting up against his mouth as I hissed and tried not to hurt him.

Because I love my brother.

And afterwards, when we'd settled down and lay entwined on the bed, I smacked him on the nose with my thumb and middle finger.

"Dipshit, you weren't supposed to like it that much!"

"Sorry, I forgot. It was hard too, to act like I didn't want you in me in the first place." He was apologetic, but not as much as he should have been.

"It was your idea in the first place, Jerry. You were the one supposed to play along the most."

He leaned in and kissed me in apology, soft and warm and loving.

"You just make me too happy during sex, it's hard to act otherwise." He remarked, a smile lighting up his face.

"You were convincing at parts, I had a hard time fighting against your tears, you know," then, switching to a good impression of my lover, "it hurts, it burns, take it out!"

He smacked me, saying, "You know it really burns the first time! You were a bigger sissy than that the first time you let me fuck you! Jesus, quit…mph…mpghmmm."

I stilled his words, taking advantage of his warm compliance by rolling him onto his back and leaning over him.

"Mm…Randy, make love to me this time, please?"

"Already?" My question was derisive, and he gave a false pout, something he knows is quick to win me over for anything he asks of me. It had worked in these situations before. So I again covered his body with my own, not having to work very hard to become hard again, not for my brother. I hadn't lied about how his body makes me hot, how I want him nearly all the time.

A year now, we've been lovers, and it has never gotten stale. Even though he was the one to suggest this charade, for something different and exciting. I just need him, he's all I've ever needed.

And we lovingly fucked (as loathe as I am to use that term, really), completely forgetting that the tape was still rolling, that we were still actors for the camera.

But I think that it's the encore performance that I will want to remember forever.

A/N: ah, i love the sap!!! and i've just gotten cable internet, thus it's faster...and yet, it took me two fucking hours to proof this!! where did that time go????

and one note: if you ever have the chance to watch the dubbed movie Hero (the only version i've seen yet....) you have to watch it!! if not for the music. amazing, really.