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Loving Forever

Kissing a stranger isn't all that bad...

I worked at a book store. I often liked reading the books there and I usually was the only one on the afternoon shift. I usually just doze off or read something I liked. Not a lot of people even come in here anyway.

This afternoon, I'm sitting at the chair behind the counter and reading a manga book titled Naruto and it was volume 4.

"Excuse me but where is the biography of George Washington?" I look up to see a man about thirty in a suit. I nearly rolled my eyes. Teacher probably.

"Back there where there's a sign labeled Biographies. They're in alphabetical order by last names." I answer dully, going back to reading the manga. The man walk off, grumbling about rude people. I scoff. You're the one who can't figure out where that biography was, idiot.

"Excuse me, hime-san, but can you direct me to where the manga section is. I can't seem to find it." I look up and see a pair of midnight blue eyes. I blink before blushing at how the guy was looking at me.

"Uhh... it was--wait. What did you just call me?" I ask, remembering what he said before. My eyes narrow suspiciously at him.

He smirks, his dark blue hair covering his eyes. "Hime-san. You're beautiful, like a princess. Didn't you know?"

I blush some more before glaring at him. I DON'T BLUSH!! "The manga section was moved. It's behind the games section."

"Where is that?"

I sigh. "I'll show you." I get off the chair and walk in front of him, looking back to make sure he's following me. I continue on, weaving through the shelves of books. "Here. I'll leave you then." I spare a glance at the manga section and my eyes widen. "Oh... my... god. They have Descendants of Darkness volume 10!!" I see the boy looking at me all weirdly and I blush in embarrassment; I completely forgot where I was. Manga can do that to people. I clear my throat and say, "S-sorry."

He smiles and waves it off. "I take it that you like that series?"

I nod. "Yup! I love nearly any manga there is as long as there's a good plot and characters!" I smile at that.

He gives a small smile. "Well...you're sort of weird, aren't you?"

I cross my arms and glare at him. "Shut up. If you're not weird, then you're not normal."

He pecks me on the cheek and smirks at my blank expression. "It was nice meeting you hime-san." and he goes on his way to the letter T section of the manga.

I look blankly at him before blushing and walking over to my place at the counter. Did... did he just... Oh my god! Jeez! "That bastard..." But why can't I stop blushing?!



The next week, I was on my lunch break and seated at a table that was near the middle of the cafe. I was sipping a strawberry tapioca while reading Lagoon Engine volume 3.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't hime-chan again." I look up and sees the boy who I met at the book store.

"You!" I exclaim. Then I remember the difference in the name. "And since when was I hime-chan?"

He shrugs before taking a seat across from me. "I just decided to. Is that a crime?"

I glare at him from over my manga. "Since when did I invited you to join me?"

"I invited myself. There's no crime against that."

I groan at the fact that I lost the argument but goes back to my book without responding back.

"You like that series?"

I look up at him, glaring for interrupting me from reading my precious manga. "Yeah but I hate the fact that Yukiru didn't finish this series... I liked the pictures and the characters are so cute!!" I go to fangirl mode and that's a very scary mode. I clear my throat before going back to acting like all that never happened. "Why?"

He smirks and slams a bag on the table. I glance at him suspiciously. He nods towards it and I pick it up cautiously. I pull out the object inside it and my eyes widen in shock. It... it... IT WAS DESCENDANTS OF DARKNESS VOLUME 10! GOD DAMNIT!!

"Y-you... y-you... this is for me?" I stutter out. He nods and I stand up, putting the manga down on the table. I walk over to him with a scary expression on me. "Y-you...y-you..."


I pounce on him, hugging him tightly. "You're a stupid asshole." Tears are streaming down my face, even though I didn't know why.

He chuckles. "Girls do this when they get proposed. You, on the other hand, do this when someone gives you a manga?"

I let go of him, smacking him over the head before returning to my seat. "Shut up. I don't get manga from boys often."

"Well, hime-chan, guess I'm the first one?" He's smirking and I want to shut him up so badly...

Before he knew what's going on, I press my lips onto his and I notice his eyes widens in shock. I smirk against his lips before pulling away. I take out some money and place it on the table. I put Lagoon Engine in the bag which contains the book I got from the boy. "What's your name?"

I think he's still in shock because he's stuttering. "R-Reiyo...Kamikara..."

I smirk, remembering what the name was. It sound familiar. "My name's not hime-chan. It's Satsuki Orimoto. Here's my address and school. I'll see you later then?" I place a piece of paper into his hand before leaving.

When I'm out of the cafe, I touch my lips. Did I just kiss a stranger?

I shrug. He isn't a stranger since I know his name now. Besides, so what if I kiss a stranger.

I got his number. It was written on the receipt of the manga.