Heart in ruins,
Ill at ease,
The star-crossed lover
Fell to his knees.

The one he loved,
The lass once his,
Never again would her lips
He kiss.

Her heart had stopped,
Her eyes grown cold,
No more of her laughter
From days of old.

Death's cold grip
Had taken her life
And her star-crossed lover
Now clutched a knife.

He knew one thing,
And it was this:
Her life had ended
And so had his.

One silent tear
Slid down his cheek.
His final words
He deemed to speak.

"My life, my love,
You held me high.
But you have parted,
Now so must I."

He raised the blade
And plunged it in
As the world around him
Began to spin.

His knees grew week,
He closed his eyes,
Fell to the ground
And there he died.

Moments passed,
His life-blood spread,
Upon the ground
Where he now lay dead.

In his final moments,
His life he gave
So he could die
Near his lover's grave.