everytime we HUG
i pray to hold you longer

everytime we KISS
i pray for just a little more

everytime you SMILE
i seem to smile back

everytime you LAUGH
i can't stand the pain


let's give it a chance
it won't matter how it goes
my heart beats when i see you


everytime you CRY
i want to wipe the tear away

everytime you LOOK
i wish to grab your arm

everytime we're TOGETHER
i want it to last forever

everytime we TALK
i hold every word


keep on dreaming for the love
i care for you, can't you see?
my heart longs for you


a/n: this is just a play with the text on my feelings at the moment. i know a few things came from 'Everytime We Touch' by Cascada but hopefully not many are. leave review PLEASE.