My smile burns like cyanide eating through my soul

Licking at my broken flesh, that tries to close

We both cannot coincide in one so out of control

These wounds are still so fresh from my foes


Cyanide still killing me, trying to take over

My flesh is open, burning in the breeze

No one to here my plea, that I cry over and over

Now I say it now and then, to keep myself at ease


My plea to keep me safe is disappearing in the wind

The faint whispers you can't hear, are still there

Quieter than the loneliest waif, that you could never find

Yet I am still so near, hiding from your stare


I slit my my throat and let the blood drip

I kill myself to watch myelf die, to watch the blood

I didn't leave a note to why I let myself slip

But I won't lie, after it started I tried to stop the flood.