Her promise of true love,

(My only hope of happiness)

Lay withered and broken in the dirt,

(Too many miles lie between us now)

She can't tell she even misses him,

(I'm too numb from losing you)

And suddenly her reality crushes her,

(You're gone, and I can't breathe)

And she doesn't know how this will end

(What's going to become of all those silent nights?)

You pushed her away; you thought it'd make it easier,

(It just hurt more didn't it; please admit it)

In her only true love's eyes she witnessed heartbreak.

(I am sick and I am desperate for the sound of your voice)

&& this solitary moment makes me want to leave and run forever

(Why can't I stay with you forever, I was born to tell you I love you)

&& she's tired of being all alone

(The lack of your touch is making my world collapse)

And she's getting sicker, having a relapse

(I can't live without you)

She's killing herself inside, and she doesn't even know it.

(Baby, I'm so vulnerable now, my heart break destroys me.)

What makes you think that you are invincible?