(The lyrics in parenthesis are from a song called Angie- by the Rolling Stones)

Your ears have become deaf to my best efforts

I can't feel the broken glass underneath my skin

Just the heartache tearing at my nerves

My empty voice quivers as I scream

You're everything to me. You're everything to me.

The pain inside of me has swelled

It threatens to turn me into a walking stick of dynamite,

Threatens to burst me from my own betrayal to myself

I let you go, I let you go.

Your ears are deaf to my best efforts,

And I am sick, and angry

My brain longs for the touch of your skin

My ears are desperate once again,

For the sound of your fragile voice.

My words bear less meaning than they ever have before,

I'm playing the same song on repeat,

(You can't say we're satisfied)

And I'm tired of being all alone

(All the dreams we held so close seemed to all go up in smoke)

What happened to everything we had?

All those quiet night we shared just staring at the glassy water

Where not a word was spoken but we understood just the same

Is it possible I was just dreaming you leaving

I pray I will wake up one day and you'll still be here waiting

Loving me for all I am and for all I'm not

(With no loving in our souls and no money in our coats)

Our life was still worthwhile, whether we had it all or not

We were in love and now that's all I've got

I've got nothing left without you,

But you've become deaf to my best efforts.