Your words are slicing through my universe and awakening my senses

The scent of coffee grind is sharper and the corner of my smile is softer and more generous

To the eyes of those who taught me how, in the first place

A gaze that is shifting to new horizons

She is warmer round the edges and quieter beneath her skull

And as taints swim over his eyes I am grateful, to say the least

Something tells me not to stay suspended on the dew that emanates from his breath

God's map is has no routes, just forks- and this may be the beginning of traveled path

Your hands are new and I am a slow learner, guide me with only frank intentions

As you seduce my very being into vulnerability, onto the window ledge

I am not blurry, just pliable round the edges and reaching, beneath my skull

To your new horizons that are shifting before my very gaze