Martok is oldest man in Malaysia. His name is not Malaysian because he lived in that region of the world long before those considered to be indigenous Malaysians were even a whisper of thought in the fabric of the universe. He was there before the continents split and there before Pangaea. He was there when the Earth was but a planetesimal in the days of the proto sun. He followed the atoms that would form Malaysia as the cloud of gas that became our solar system was compressed by gravity. And before he watched them float in the expanse of space through his telemicroscope on a small planet in the dying days of its sun before the supernova that set into motion the formation of our solar system. And he sits now in Malaysia, very still on the side of a crowded marketplace with an old hat at his feet. He only moves to take coins from his hat that too few generous people offer and to whisper his thanks in a forgotten language. No one moves to speak to him, so he sits and remembers the billions of years he has lived and feels the joy of new life around him after countless millennia in empty silence.