Annie sat in silence on the floor of her room. She found no enlightenment after staring at her reflection for a full hour. No amount of music could comfort the loneliness in her soul. It seemed that even the guardian spirits danced about without noticing her in the least. Annie was but a speck of dust in the cosmos and hardly a whisper in that realm that was to connect her to God and the angels. Annie was alone with her reflection and the sunlight, surrounded by a screaming silence in which she could sense nothing but her own presence. She felt no nagging tasks, no wandering eyes of malevolent spirits, no tugs of an almighty creator. But in the absence of tasks and eyes and tugs, God sat; Annie just couldn't see him. He sat cross-legged and smiled at the back of Annie's brown-curled head just outside of the range of her mirror. Annie had no epiphany in thought. Annie had no breakthrough in her condition. Annie heard no sound, no hint, no whisper of God. Annie sat in silence. But God was in the corner watching as the sunlight streamed in. He knew what would become of her and that's what made his smile twinkle like the sunlight that glistened on Annie's mirror.