My Angel, My Hero

Authors Note: This poem is based on the death of someone that I loved dearly; she was very special to me and a very strong person physically and emotionally. She won her battle with cancer but lost to Hepatitis B. I wrote this for her, and for everyone mourning a loss.

She told me,

That I was her angel

Sent by God

To be her soul

But that was a lie

I was not her angel

She was mine

And I was her lost soul

She told me that I was to save her

She told me that I was the giver.

That I was the receiver,

That I was the hero

That I was the angel

But I look to the heavens

And then back down to her grave

She was the brave

She was the loving

She was the moving

She was the angel

I was the lost soul

That she now protects

From the heavens down to the earth

She is my savoir

My angel

My hero