You're everything to me,

My heart beat's slowing, dulling in my chest,

Beating just enough to let me know I'm alive,

Like the rest of the people here,

The people in this town with hollow looks in there eyes,

I've never seen them more alive,

Laughter fills the bars and streets,

Their smiles are their lies.

I fear the expressions on the faces of people I don't know,

I never had the strength to let you go,

I held onto my life, when I held onto your hand,

But that's all gone now, isn't it?

(Was it even there to begin with?)

I am crying alone tonight, I am wasting all of my life,

Just thinking of you; just missing you.

And my brain still longs for your touch,

Its beautiful being able to miss something that much.

The dull beat of my heart still loves you with every last breathe it forces me to take,

And it still reminds me of the biggest mistake I ever made,

We could have ran away, and they never would have found us,

Sure it sounds profound but I think it could have worked,

I'd spend a lifetime in your arms, the only place I was ever alive.

The words on the computer screen burn hatred into my eyes,

Yet I still stare, just a little bit longer,

Like somehow you'll jump out at me, and everything will be fine again.

I was born to tell you I love you,

And I am torn to do what I have to, and fail at life.

(And I am tired, so tired inside,)

Sometimes I wish I'd never let my heart leave the safety of my home,

I am choking on the words I can't say to you.

I am torn to be here without you,

Because I was born to love you.