Sunday, March 26, 2006:

She woke slowly, stretched

And opened her eyes

The first thing she saw was

The opening of the barrel

Of a shotgun

The second, her

Husband of twenty years

Pointing it at her

She rubbed her eyes

Rejecting of the scene

That her eyes displayed before her

Panic exploded in her veins

Wiping her mind blank of

All thoughts

The panic began to boil

Almost over the top

But she knew

She couldn't lose control

His finger was on the trigger

Her hand was under the pillow

Groping for his handgun

She found it and slid it

Out and fired it on her

Husband without

So much as a glance

To the future

A/N: I heard about a couple from Tennessee on Sunday. The pastor was very vague on all the details, other than that the wife had pled guilty to her husband's murder. These are just my thoughts.