The world around me is changing

Yet it seems like I remain the same

Why am I the one to be left behind?

My mind is spinning in circles

And I'm left alone as they move on

A few more deep wounds marked inside

Where no one can see the scars

On the inside, I'm such a bloody mess

But on the outside, I'm perfectly fine

And that's all anyone ever sees

One hard look is all it takes

One look that no one will give

Am I trapped in a world of shadows?

Maybe I'm just invisible to these people

A glance and then it's all over

Harsh accusations hit like a knife

Is this what trust and friendship is?

Feels like it hurts more than anything

But actions shout while words merely whisper

And these actions say that I mean nothing

They'll pretend to care if I help them out

I'd give my life and soul for their happiness

They'd point and laugh when I turn my back

When they're sick of me, they'll walk away

Leaving me alone with only memories