It should have been

Give me something real;

I only want to feel-

cuz this life spinning in my head

is making me feel rather dead.

Your lies, your lies

flash before my eyes;

they horrify.

I need an escape-

anything would do,

as long as it gets me far from you.

And life should have been easy,

And love should have been easy,

and trust should have been easy,

and lies should have been unsaid

but it isn't, and they weren't,

and it was you, all along.

Why else would I be singing this song?

But I've gotta say,

it's not so sad.

I've gotta admit,

It's not all been bad.

But the secrets have accumulated,

and the deceit has regenerated.

I've found myself staring down

18 years worth of lies,

brought into the daylight.

I'm ready now, for this fight,

my anger guides me.

So don't you dare

underestimate what I can be.


I look at you,

and I could never do

the things you do

it's not because I'm weak;

I just have morals,

so to speak.

And besides, I couldn't live,

if I put anyone through,

half of what you put me through.

This pain is almost unbearable;

and it's all because of you.


It's true that the things you do

put me through a greater pain

than I have ever known

and it only gets worse, every day,

and so I pray:

oh god, let it get easier.

because it should have been easier,

to be 14,

it should have been easier,

to love all my family,

it should be easier,

for me to break away,

and with everything I know,

I know it should have been….

So yeah, please review. I poured my soul into this song, as lame as it sounds it is true- writing has been my outlet for these past few sucky years. So review and complain about the people who have messed up your lives too.