He walks among the fallen, forgotten souls

When the moon begins to rise

Twilight, moonlight nothing as beautiful as his black forbidden wings

His eyes, oh his eyes, black and emotionless and empty

Eyes of beauty

His Serpent tongue

As he walks along the waveless lake

Foggy mist gently rolling in

Catching the lighted souls in his dream catcher as he walks

The spirits of the dead sing his name in agony

I hide in the background behind a dead tree as he passes

He senses me and drops his dream catcher

Letting the souls of the dead roam free once again

As he lingers toward me, I am frozen

I am under his erotic spell of his deepest fantasies undone unable to move

Sealed unto this fate with that of his icy kiss

He has no mercy on those who dare to enter his domain

Death is knocking on my door

Beside me now I feel the warmth of his body

An afterglow of his killings

His scent oh his scent

Of lake water, lust, and graveyard soil

So heavenly

His icy breath upon my neck

Sending shivers up and down my spine

Be my goddess

His deep stare into my icy blues casting an overcoming spell

No control the curse is broken

Reaching out and falling into his arms carved porcelain

An overwhelming fever

I want to see you die in agony

Falling to the ground pulsing

What has he done? AH such pain what? I'm growing wings!

Blood pours from the curves of my back and beautiful pearl white wings appear

He takes my hand and pulls me up and stares into my eyes

You have died in agony

You are now a secret, a myth, a goddess

I am your demon and you are my fallen angel

My skin now milky white

Porcelain face

Red lips kissed with wine

Skin coated in fragilities

Smelling of death blooming lavender

In his hellish domain

In the dormant state of his heart ignited by passion

His soul thrives once again

A/n: Inspired by Cradle of Filth, tell me what you think. Hope you liked.