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Note: This is like- everyones night with their boyfriend/ boyfriends boyfriend/ and or both. Plus University. Why? Because high school would make this too enjoyable. In a jail-baity manner of speaking.

Also: For San. Because she was so good to everyone.

Lastly: Innuendo is my baby's Daddy. Gnomic humor is the bitch between us.

The Noble and Fine Art of studying

"Ready to work?"

"Yeah, I copied those history notes for you too." he said setting his books down on the low table.

"Great, I also finished the biology review if you want a copy." she added, "Sure, I could actually use a little help in biology. I didn't pay any attention during the last unit." he admitted.

"And I did?" She snorted with raised brows. "I just convinced an attentive guy to lend me his coursework."

"Clever." he laughed, dropping his coat on a nearby sofa chair.

"Before we start, would you like a drink or something? I've got a ragging case of the munchies." She asked unfolding her legs from the sofa and placing her binder on the low table in front of her.

His gaze was immediately drawn to her legs and her short cut offs. The shorts had obviously once upon a time been full length sweat pants- but had since met with a pair of scissors. Dull ones, judging by the amount of fraying around the jagged edges.

They did however offer a rather nice showcase of toned appendages.

His eyes wandered, in a northernly direction. He was in the middle of graciously thanking any God that would cater to him when he focused on a rather pleasing site.

And upon noting the small "T" that half hid itself below the waistband of her shorts, he promptly dropped his books- a little too loudly.

And she wandered into the open kitchen, and stretched to retrieve two glasses from the cupboard.

The view improved.

And her shirt wasn't as long as it looked.

Stretching, he decided, was a very important thing. It allowed one to be limber.

And flexible.

Flexible he liked.

It allowed him to articulate his head just so, to change his view of-

She hadn't had that tattoo during Spring Break had she?

Certainly not. He'd have remembered it.

The possibility that her skin had other little secrets he was unaware of occurred to him. It was a situation that needed remedying.

Sooner rather than later.

In fact, he supposed it was more a matter of necessity; and therefore it wasn't maybe someday.

But it was yes, and please, and now.

And she's been suntanning recently, possibly a little to much, judging from the little patch of red on the small of her back.

She'd have to be more diligent with the application of sunblock. In fact, he would take it upon himself to ensure she didn't burn the rest of her-

That tint of bronze was particularly fetching against the black of her shirt hem. It was thorough and even and he hoped she had remembered to turn over and warm the other half of her skin.

Warm colors should cover everything.

And by color he meant hands except- he wasn't having this conversation with himself.

He would have had the decency to blush, had his blood not been busy gathering elsewhere.

And just as he thought the view couldn't be better- it got better.

Progressively so.

He really should get to church more often.

He craned his head further, in an attempt to catch the true beauty of the angle.

Now with two knees balancing her up on the counter top, she retrieved two glasses.

"Hey," her voice rang out, sounding on the right side on indignant.

Startled, he jerked back, looking every bit guilty. "Ahh,- I'm sor- " was the beginning of an apology but-

"I didn't know we had liquorish!" She stated happily unawares. "Those roommates have been holding out on me," the mock anger in her voice was aimed at no one in particular and yet somehow he retained a glaring amount of the guilt.

What ever for, he wondered?

"What say we eat the whole bag just to teach them the value of honesty and sharing?"

He was good at sharing.

Sharing was something he could do.

In his finer moments.

There were plenty of things he'd willing share.

Like class notes, or secrets, books, body fluids- the brake on his train of though had apparently just snapped in two.

She deposited both pieces of glassware over to her left arm, one in hand, the later above her elbow. Running a pink tongue across her upper lip, she stretched her opposite arm into the high mounted cupboard, snatching the stashed goodies.

From his appointed rooting in the den she shook the bag in his general direction.

"Come here, grab these will you?"

Coming anywhere really was fine with him, but if she was going to be emphatic about it-

"I can't get down with my hands full."



Oddly disappointed, he move towards the open kitchen before him. "Nngh, y-yeah, alright."

Tripping only once, and understandably on an ill placed couch, he crossed the floor to stop just out of arms range. Merely transfixed, he waited.

She took her time cautiously using her head to nudge the cupboard back into place. And nonchalantly, she held her outstretched arm behind her, giving the package a little jiggle. The hint went unnoticed and she waited for him to remove the parcel of red confectionery from her.

And she continued to wait, which was oddly annoying, and quickly making her arm numb.

She was sure she'd heard him come up behind her. The coarion counter top was hard, and her knees were beginning to ache from balancing on the edge, and having her feet on the floor once more would be nice.

"Tai," She grumbled giving the bag another jiggle.

Was he even paying attention?

"Hey, Tai, what are you waiting for?" The bag was jostled around with a bit more force.

He blinked.

What indeed.

"Grab this junk food. My knees are killing me."

Through his stupor he managed to glean very few of her words, 'grab' and 'junk' being the only two with semblance of clarity. Thusly the only ones which he could comprehend.

There's no way he could be held accountable for his lack of concentration. It wasn't his fault he was in this scenario, given what his current line of vision played over.

It was cruel.

And try as he might, he couldn't seem to grasp her words- her knees were sore because the counter was obviously very hard-

He understood her pain.

Suddenly studying sounded like a very good idea. And the couch looked appealing. There were books and pillows and such over there. There he could sit with a book in his lap and she wouldn't see- nnh, how badly he needed her.


Her help, yes of course.

He was failing biology, but her notes were good, too good- and biology was hard, and he hadn't taken any notes in so long- on a speeding train without a break, and, wait for it, there's a cliff up ahead.

Here he made a valiant but futile attempt to avert his gaze. He was going to crash and die, and was already burning.

Who designed these kitchens? Wall mounted cupboards that were out of reach from the floor? What good were they? And moreover, who places glasses -a common kitchen commodity- in such an out-of-reach place?

Cupboards, while they were aesthetically pleasing, offered little to the erogenous- err- ergonomic- aspect of living.

Those dastardly people at Ikea were nothing but trouble.

Unnoticed by Tai, his counter top companion's arm was about ready to fall off after all its flapping and waving. A sharp call brought him back from his scrutiny of the kitchen layout.

"Grab this already will you." Her arm thrust the package of liquorish towards him stiffly.

"You're avoiding candy, something's wrong with you." She surmised warily.

"It's not so much I'm- well rather it's,"

He had a rather pressing problem. And it wasn't going away.

"What's got your attention so much that you..." tapering off, she swiveled best she could to face him. She watched, or more accurately felt as the package in question- hers at least- was finally taken from her tired arm.

She shook the oncoming cramp from her limb, glancing over her shoulder. She couldn't help but notice that her friends eyes weren't quite meeting hers.

In fact, it was presumably safe to venture that his eyes were nowhere near her face.

Then what exactly was he...Curious as to his sudden lack of focus, or signs or life, she transferred a glass to the safer haven of her recently liberated hand. Turning more, the leaned back to follow his line of vision.

Seeing nothing out of the ordinary, she turned further.

Perhaps she was at the wrong vantage point to get a glimpse of whatever had him so spellbound.

Unaware of what the shift in weight would result in, she was surprised to find herself quickly losing her balance. Wobbling precariously, painfully over her knees, her equilibrium was shot. She bucked and promptly lost hold of one, then both of the clear glasses. Which no sooner left her hands than shattered on the hardwood clamorously.

Both jumped at the unexpected sound- he more so than her.

She panicked, Tai dropped the bag, and she dismounted from her perch atop the counter in a most unplanned fashion.

Shatter having forcefully roused him, he scantly registered her distress before managing to grab any part of her unbalanced form in its unprompted fall.

He'd managed to grab her shoulders. She latched onto the front of his shirt.

Not enough to completely stop her tumble and re-balance them both all at once, he staggered back away from the counter.

And into the center of the kitchen amidst a veritable field of shattered glass.

Pieces scattered and crunched from under his Nike shoed feet, and others sank into and chewed her bare ones.

A sharp gasp broke her lips followed by a pitched cry and the tightening of her grip on his shirt.

"Shit! Here- "

"Ow! Oh God- "

"Keep still, l-let me lift- "

"Christ! Ow, ow!- "

Together they clambered over the broken glass, Tai trying to grasp her slipping form and she trying fruitlessly to find purchase on safe ground.

Somewhere where glass wouldn't slice her feet open.

Neither succeeded.

Still panicking to a degree -because, PAIN- her next step placed the arch of her foot in direct contact with a particularly large and jagged bit of glass. In response to which she screamed.

And then she was clinging to him, and he scooped her up as quickly as humanly possible.

A flurry of action later, she was laying on the couch and Tai looked on in a state of simmering panic. Unable to help he watched as she clenched her teeth, and tried to hiss the pain away. Amidst her gasping and hissing- which he regularly would have encouraged- the forming tears rimming her eyes sobered him up.


Evidently almost as good as a cold shower.

But not quite.

Because there was this mewling whimper and and she shuddered and-

No, not really as effective.

But back to being concerned-

"Are you alright?" he asked hurriedly.

Uncertain whether she was in pain or exasperated, most likely both, seeing as how blood was dripping in tiny rivulets onto the floor.

"I have the domestic equivalent of Swarovski crystal jammed in my foot."

She sounded a bit tense to him.

"It.Hurts." was her laconic follow up.

"Well, a-aside from the obvious?" he ventured carefully. "Nothing twisted? Broken?"

She gave him a quick shake of her head, before chancing a peek at her damaged feet. Sitting up enough to pass judgment, gently she rotated her ankles and bent her knees in order to expose the soles of her feet.

She really should have worn socks this morning.

It wasn't very pleasant to look at, and Tai rightfully assumed it felt even less so. She seemed to agree with him.

Again with those tiny little whimpers, and moans.

This was hard on him to dammit.

If he heard one more little breathy-panty-thing out of her he didn't know if-

Her chest jumped under a series of shallow breaths.

That glass needed to come out.


"Alright, you just- hang in there a minute! I'll be right back, don't move-" Don't even breathe.

With that said Tai rushed off in the direction of her bathroom. She hadn't barely enough time to sit up before he returned with a towel and wet cloth in hand.

Gingerly he propped her feet upon his thigh, and promised himself he'd behave, before draping the towel underneath her slowing seeping feet.

There was nothing even remotely alluring about feet.

Not even the way they looked in heels, or that arch at the back-- bloody feet not sexy!

We've officially established that. Officially.

Grabbing the wet cloth he ever so gently dabbed at punctured flesh, lifting all trace amounts of blood and removing glass as he went. Extracting a particularly deep shard elicited a sharp gasp from his patient, which upon hearing he felt like freeing a gasp of his own. Tai wisely stopped to calm his nerves amongst other things.

He didn't want to look at her. Really he didn't. Her face was probably contorted with pain and- she was biting her lip.

Quite hard he noted.

Glass.out glass.out glass.out Now.

The broken glass resilient enough to remain on her foot was removed with haste. Repeating the process on the partner foot in relative silence; disregarding the few catches of breath when he extracted a significantly larger piece.

His face was the perfect image of concentration.

It was a stretch, but his patience would outlive his virility it would seem.

What a shame.

Titillation was so unfair sometimes.

Finally, the cloth washed over her inflamed skin soothing shallow abrasions. Brushing over the arch, she gasped, instinctively retracting her leg.

"Uh!" It was breathy, it was shallow, and it was everything he couldn't handle hearing.

Did he mention the extreme unfairness?

Oh good.

"Here, let me see..." he murmured trailing off gently.

Returning her foot gently to his lap, he cradled her heel in one hand and slowly brushed his thumb across the arch of her foot.

Another flinch, smaller this time.

"It would seem that there's a small piece left. I'm not sure I can get it with my fingers." He stated succinctly. Silently he used ever malediction he could think of; all of his restraint was riding on one little sliver of glass.

Watching intently while he had worked away diligently, she glanced from her foot to him and back again. And earnestly, "I know it's really hard, and it's frustrating, but please, it aches like you wouldn't believe."

Tai doubted this very much.

Because currently all he felt was frustrated, hard, and aching to-

Damn glass.

Duress however, would do him no good here, so it was all up to his sense of cunning.

He could make this work for him.

Like it owed him money.

Or sex.

He'd choose the later.

Being the deft young man he was, it took moments before an apparent answer made itself clear in his mind. Squinting, Tai lifted her foot into better light- which really wasn't any better considering the room was dim- and attempted to remove the glass.

And after what seemed like many honest attempts at drawing the offense from her skin, he used his last recourse.

"Don't move-" He'd mumbled.

Aware that this was fairly underhanded and insidious of him, he'd be sure to take his time and enjoy it.

Tai saw the question on his companions lips, and before she could inquire as to why- his mouth was on her foot, applying a steady suction to the arch.

Her heart skips a beat or five and she chokes on a gasp. It tickles and there's something else pooling in her stomach too- but she focuses on keeping still and most of all the warm caress on her foot.

She can't really feel the glass anymore because those are his teeth she's feeling now- and they're infinitely better and she gazes at him only to find he's gazing back.

So she watches him watching her and there's something in his eyes she doesn't quite comprehend but- none of that matters because his tongue just swept cross the arch in her foot so delicately--

There's a jolt, and he knows that she didn't just shiver.

He wouldn't have thought himself that lucky, but he's still meeting her gaze and he can see- that clearly- the muscle in her thigh jumped every time he nibbled with a bit of tooth.

But just to be certain- he did it again.

Were his mouth unoccupied, he was certain he'd look something akin to a cat who ate the canary.

While she dared not move, the second time she'd felt his teeth graze her skin she was sure it had been intended. As if he'd sensed her suspicion, there was one last curling lick and a strong pressure before he removed his mouth, raised hands to lips, and produced a near translucent sliver.

For a moment it seemed they both relaxed, happy the ordeal was over.

"That feel better?" he postulated.

"Y-yeah- much. T-thank you."

"My pleasure," -Speaking of which,- "That was a pretty nasty slip." he smiled, something similar to a grin.

"I can't believe I lost my balance like that, I feel like a little kid snooping around for treats-"

Not concerned with her embarrassment over the matter he added, "Hate to tell you, but you were snooping around for treats."

"And we'd be eating those treats right now, and drinking with whole glasses if someone hadn't spaced out on me." She watched as he raised a brow in mock skepticism.

He leaned forward then, "So you're blaming your lack of immediate candy and influx of injury on me?"

"I suppose I am so- s-so- " Her reply came to a halt. "Um, Tai...about...that."

"About what?"

"That. Your hand"

"What about it?" he replied as if it was the most ordinary thing in the world.

"It's on my thigh." Here he spared her lap a glance.

"Hm. So it is. Fancy that."

"Could you possibly- "

"Absolutely not. But please, continue on with the conversation,"

"The conversation, yes, right." Here he nodded encouragingly, with a smile that seemed just a little too happy.

"Um, earlier, w- what was distracting you so much that you couldn't afford to blink?" Was her inquiry.

Laughing briefly, he considered the truth, and mulled things over.

His hand on her thigh twitched.

"Honestly, I was thinking about... your biology review." And her backside amongst other fine details.

"I was just thinking," he continued, "That it's such a long, hard subject, I'm really going to need a lot of help getting a good grasp on the material."

She simpered out a laugh. "Is that all?"

"Not nearly." His hand, seemingly under its own aegis, twitched again. "I'd really appreciate you helping me work all the kinks out. I'm more of a hands-on learner, visual aids I find often help-"

"We aren't talking about biology anymore are we?"

"In a manner of speaking no. Not the way you're thinking anyway."



"Well, t- that explains it then."

"I guess it does."

Both apparently satisfied with that mutual agreement, there was a lull. In the silence they both became acutely aware of their close proximity.

Studying the skin his hand was resting upon, Tai noticed something slightly out of place. Curious, his hand slid up and framed her knee. "There's a scar."

She jumped at the chance to continue the conversation, "Oh, I'm on my knee's a lot. That was from last Spring."

"You don't say."

"For volleyball season."

"Yes. Volleyball. Of course."

Another silence filled the space between them- which she noted had become increasingly smaller- and the air felt thick.

So much so that she opted to breath through her mouth.

Tai started.





So they started a thorough review of anatomy, followed by a pop quiz and another review after that.

And maybe eventually they'd get around to cleaning the kitchen floor, and enjoying the liquorish which had been forgotten along with the mess.

Possible, but not likely.

Because good study time is hard to come by.

It's Over!

Note(2): I named my guy Tai, most likely due to an early childhood obsession, and plus- I'll never truly be over Ti (Tai) from the 2003 Summer X-Games. I wanted both he, and his crazy BMX skills. Apparently the name means intelligent in Vietnamese. Who knew? It's fitting in a quaquaversal sort of way. Because my Tai is smart for being a ragging idiot.

Thus, he is rewarded for his... good behavior and vacancy of the mind.