Home At Last

I start in darkness.

Someone lifts me, as if on an elevator.

I do not know what is happening, but I have an idea.

I am lifted.

Straight through the clouds and to the stars.

I feel peace and calm.

I enter a tunnel.

The walls are color.

The end of the tunnel is far away.

I pick up speed.

The colors change.

It is quiet.

I travel faster than sound.

The colors start changing rapidly.

Right through the red shift.

I travel faster than light.

I see colors more pure than a rainbow.

I feel overwhelming peace.

It is bright.

But it is not harsh.

Electric currents line the path.

The end is nearer now.

I still do not know how far.

There is no sense of distance.

I break through.

I am peace.

I walk on the streets of gold.

There is no sun.

There are no stars.

There is only Him.

"Welcome," He says.

He embraces me.

Home at last.