I cannot imagine how it must be

For those who knew them well.

But when the dead in two years number three,

A sad story indeed it does tell.

I didn't know any of them at all,

But it still puts things into perspective.

One day they're here, the next they just fall;

This life can be very deceptive.

We do not know how much longer we'll last;

Tomorrow is never certain.

This fragile being that goes by so fast

May soon see the final curtain.

Live to the fullest, while you are still here;

Live without any regret.

Live without doubt, without waste, without fear,

For this may be all you get.

Where these three souls are now, I know not,

Nor how all works out in the end.

But we must hope and pray with all that we've got,

And trust in God's love to amend.