Creature of the Night

Authors Note: This poem is basically about a person who tries to avoid and destroy the negative influences in there lives but can't seem to shake the fear of confronting there problems and trying to make up for there mistakes through doing good. After a while the person begins to build courage and tries to defeat the negativity in their lives through the help of spirituality (heaven/light). But the person realizes while trying to defeat the evil that evil can't be completely destroyed since evil is apart of life, basically you can't destroy the balance of Yin/Yang, good/evil, Heaven/Hell. The twisted compromise part is basically saying that even with the realization of the balance between good and evil needing to be kept balanced, the person tries to destroy the evil anyways but has not yet faced the consequences of doing so yet. Just wanted to clarify what I was trying to get across incase some people get confused about the theme. Hope you enjoyed it!

Oh creature of the night

Hear me in my screams of fright

From up above

In your cove

Hiding from the light

With all your evil might

With all the means

For me to be unseen

Your senses are so keen

You have found me

But I cannot let it be

I must be

I must not be seen

I must flee from thee

For all the reasons for me to be

For the ones I love

From here and up above

Where the heavens splits

Where the heavenly slits

Of the light

Oh so bright

Shall vanquish

All reasons

To fear the dark

That left your mark

On my white soul

I hide from thee

Until time lets it be

For me to reveal

The end to the fear

The end to the fear that covers the earth

Vanquishes the light

And kills with all its might

My sword in hand

Reality be damned

I will do what I can

Your end is near

Your end is here

Are you ready creature of the night?

It is time to fight

Your might against my might

Your end is at the point of my sword

I shall cut the cord

And you will fall

As I will rise

And end this twisted compromise