Calais the Creator

At the dawn of time, all that existed was the goddess, Calais, and absolute darkness. The beautiful Calais was extremely lonely. So she created the sun and stars in all their brilliance. She loved her creation, but it wasn't quite enough. So she put out the fire of nine of the stars nearest the Sun. One of these, her favorite, she covered in plants. She named this planet, Earth.

Calais' loneliness was only satiated for a little while, until she grew bored of walking through the beauty of Earth. She loved the way the plants grew, but it wasn't enough to stop her from being alone. So the goddess fashioned a dagger and used it to cut her palm. As the blood dripped from her hand, she shook her fist over the beautiful planet. This flung the drops around the world and they separated into hundreds of thousands of tiny droplets. As the blood touched the earth, each drop transformed into different animals

The animal companionship eased her loneliness for a little while, but it wasn't enough to last. She didn't have it quite right yet. Her failure to create suitable companions made the dark-haired goddess sad. Her tears fell to the earth, and the drops transformed into the first people. These new creations were of all different colors and sizes. They were intelligent and beautiful, just like their creator and mother.

When Calais saw her latest, accidental creation, a smile crossed her face. She found the people to be wonderful companions. Eventually, she even took one for her husband. The children that came from their union had a large range of powers. Some were weaker than others but still stronger than the rest of the humans. These became the kings of men. The more powerful children became gods and goddesses in their own rights.

With all her children, both from birth and from creation, the goddess never had to be alone again. Her husband was given immortality, so that she would never lose her best companion. The new gods and goddesses were all given their own dominions in the world and afterlife. Later, Calais' name was lost to her creation, but they still revered her as their mother, even if they did not call her by name. She continued to preside over her people, protecting them. It is said that to this day, she cries over every human who dies, and her tears are what allows mothers to be fertile, creating more of her humans in place of the deceased