Four hours later. Knock, Knock "Yes, Yes, come in!" "Excuse me, Milord, but the Lady is missing," the guard told Malachi shaking. He jumped up, "What the fuck you mean she's missing!? I left her in her room!" "I know, Milord, but when Miss Lorie and Ciara went to check on her. She was gone." The guard back up when Malachi rose out of the bed. He made his way across the room in a blink of an eye.

Malachi gripped the poor guard by the throat. The guard's feet hang helpless. "You get your men and comb this castle and the grounds top to bottom. She couldn't have gotten far." Malachi threw him up against the hallway wall. "You not moving" "Yes Milord," The guard scurries to his feet and takes off running. Now Malachi paced back and forward.

He yelled and threw a fireball at the window out of frustration. It shatters into millions of piece. He went his closet and looked for something to wear, but he couldn't seem to find anything. He was too lost in his thoughts. "I knew I should have locked her to the bed like I started too. I should have stayed with her." "Got damn it," Malachi yelled and punched the wall.

He made a huge dent in it and the mirror that hung on it fell. After standing in front of his closet for another 20 minutes, Malachi finally pull out a dark blue silk shirt and a pair of leather pants. He put on some black boots. He just had the feeling that he was going to need them.

Malachi walked out into the hall and down steps. "Right now, I just want to go to breakfast and eat quietly." He walked into the kitchen on sat at the inland. The cook whips up scrambled eggs with cheese, bacon, and toast with a side of fresh fruit. He placed Malachi's black coffee beside the plate. "I just want to make it through breakfast with losing my temper." He thought as he looked at the paper and pick up some of the egg with his fork.

Just as Malachi about to place the fork in his mouth, the sergeant of his guards' walks in and bows. "Milord, we haven't found her." He popped. Malachi burned the paper in his left hand and threw the fork in the sergeant's forehead with his right. The sergeant fell dead. The cook moved behind the door of the pantry. "I just wanted to make it through breakfast. Is that a fucking crime!?" Malachi yelled.

He turned to the cook and yelled, "Get me another fork and have him carried out of here. He makes me sick." The cook places a fork on his plate and runs to get more guards to carry him out. Malachi tried to finish his breakfast, but he was far too mad. Malachi got up and call for the new sergeant to walk with him. "Now you're sure she's not on the grounds."

"Yes, Milord. We did what you ask." Malachi stopped front of the main stairwell. He turned to the new sergeant. "There's no need to be afraid if I want to kill you. You'll be dead. If you do what I say, you're fine." He sighed and bowed as Malachi continued up the stair to the room where Erica was been held. He sniffed the air. Malachi screwed his face up in disgust.

"Mi'Kale was here. How did he get in here?" he yelled. Another guard ran into the room. Malachi turned to him and said "You better have good news. Your life depends on it." The guard swallowed hard. "Milord, this feather was found on the balcony above the Lady's room." Malachi took the feather from the shaking guard's hand and smelled it. "Luallen, so that's how you go in here." he said to himself.

He turned to the guard. "You may leave now. I know where she is. Make sure you inform the sergeant that she has been found and stop the search." He bow and walk out the room. Malachi twirled the feather between his fingers as he sat on the bed. He sent the feather up in flames after a while of staring at it. His mind wanders back to the first time he saw Camillie.

Malachi was hiding behind a tree. She had just gotten through fighting with Troy. He had sent her to clean up in the fountain. Troy had walked into the house leaving Camillie to tend to the wound he made on her arm. He told her to stop crying before he left. She was sitting on the edge of the fountain trying her best to not let another tear drop. She was so beautiful with her grey wings tucked behind her.

Her waist-length curly hair was a mess. There were leaves and grass all in it. She cleaned it with the hand of the uninjured arm. Malachi had heard about the girl that Troy was training. But he didn't know she would be this beautiful. She had full lips, a perfect shape, toned but still curvy, and the weirdest eyes you had ever seen. They were green with orange and blue flakes lined with red. They were beautiful, but looked dangerous.

That's what drew him to her. Her eyes, they looked powerful, yet so lonely. Malachi watched her walk towards the house. The maids ran to her. She pushed them away fussing and yelling. They bowed and walked behind her. "Malachi, what do you think you're doing," said a voice from behind him.

He turned and faced Troy. Malachi quickly bowed, "Nothing Milord." "I see you're watching my granddaughter," "Granddaughter?" "Yes," he said with a smile. Malachi had never seen Troy unless he just finished a meal or spent some time with the angel. "She's off limits," he said through his teeth. "Yes, Milord" Malachi said. Malachi knew was his first and last warning.

Troy walked away. Malachi should have listened, but didn't. He watched Troy's and Camillie's fights. He fell in love with her. He watched the way her hair flowed in the wind. The way she moved was like that of angels. Her wings remind you of angels, but they were drastically different.

They were about 12 feet wide and had leathery skin entwined with the grey feathers. They were more a mix between a powerful vampire and angel wings. Malachi wanted to knew more, so he searched for information on this girl. He founded out her history. Who she was. Why Troy had forbade you from her. But Malachi just had to talk to her. This love from afar was not working for him.

After two months of watching from the shadows, Malachi finally get up the nerve to say something to her. He sneaked into her room. She was taking a bath at the time. He watched her walk from the tub to the bed. Malachi made himself visible by the wall close to her window. She throw a dragger an inch from his head.

"Who are you?" she questioned. Malachi was amazed. She was standing wings full length, naked in front of you with two more draggers in her hands. "Speak," she said as throw another dragger into his shoulder. Malachi growled in pain as he pulled it out. "My name is Malachi." She threw the last into the exact same spot in his shoulder, pinning him to the wall.

She put on her nightgown and walked towards him. "My grandfather told me about you. Told me to stay away from you. That I should call from help if you came near me, but I'm a big girl. I think I can handle you." She said all this with a smile.

Malachi was lost in her eyes. He was caught up in the swirling colors. She came close enough that her chest was touching his. She kissed Malachi on the lips. He got caught up into the kiss. She placed one hand on the back of his head and the other on the dragger. She pulled his head back and smile as she twisted the dragger in his shoulder. Malachi growled in pain and shock. He looked her in the eyes again. Now they were a vivid red.

"Why did you sneak into my room? How long were you standing there?" she questioned in a voice that made the hair on Malachi's arms stand. "I wanted to see you in person and I watched you bath." She twisted the dragger again, "You nasty little pervert. Did you like what you saw?" Malachi looked at her like she was crazy. "Does she really except me to answer that question? How dumb does she think I am? I may be stupid for doing this, but I am not that stupid to answer that question"

She twisted the dragger again. Malachi growled in pain. He could feel the blood leaking down his back. "I asked you a question. Did you like what you saw?" Malachi nodded, hoping that she would stop. She twisted it again. "Yes," he yelled. Her eyes changed back to their normal color. She smiled and kissed him on the cheek as she pulled the dragger out. She walked to her bed and stood by it. Malachi dropped to the floor, panting. He didn't understand why he wasn't healing.

"Come here," she said. Malachi just stared at her. "You will bleed to death. All of my weapons stop natural healing abilities and healing spells. Only I can reverse their affects," she said as she made a chair appear in front of her. Malachi pulled himself from the floor and walked to her side of the bed. "Sit in the chair," she said as tucked her wings behind her back. She stood behind the chair as Malachi walked to it. He fell into the chair.

She picked up a cloth and cleaned the dragger she still had in her hand. Malachi flinched as she brought it close to him. "Sit still. I won't hurt you any more." Her voice was soft and warm. He sat back in the chair. She cut his blood shirt off. She slid it off and placed her soft hand on the wounded shoulder. "What, what are you doing," Malachi asked. "I'm healing you." He felt a burning heat come from her hand, but it really didn't burn him. It felt good and left a funny feeling behind. Malachi looked down and watched as his skin finish closing

She wiped the blood off of her hand and sat on her bed. "Leave," she said in a quiet voice. "Why?" Her eyes flashed red, but turn back. "The guards will be here in minutes because they heard yelling coming from my room," "Can I see you again?" "You know you can't. Now go," she said with that lonely look in her eyes again. Malachi wanted to do something for her. He made a black rose appear and placed it on the bed.

She smiled and turned to thank him, but he was gone. The guards busted into her room. She told them that she step on something. They look around some more, and then apologized for busting into her room. She said it was ok. When they left, Malachi saw her place the rose into a crystal vase she made appear. She places it on the small table beside her bed.

The two played this game for a while. Malachi would leave her roses and love letters. She would leave Malachi poems and pieces of cloth from her dresses or a feather.

But Troy found her read a letter Malachi had sent her. He burnt the letters and poems the pair sent each other. He punished Malachi by whipping and starving and her punishment was to watch. This went on for a month until she finally gave into her grandfather's wish. She was too unclaimed her love for him and to never to go looking for Malachi.

Malachi watched her cry for him as they place him on a horse and sent it on its way. He watched Troy drag her into the house. The horse stop running when it reached the outskirts of Troy's land. Malachi had been riding for days. He walked to a near by lake and washed himself. He vowed to find her again. Malachi didn't care what Troy had said. He didn't care about her destiny. He just wanted to be with her. Malachi would change for Camillie. He would change.

Malachi's thoughts were stopped by the tears rolling down his face. He quickly pulled himself together and walked out the room. He was hungry. He started to walk down the steps, but Malachi walked to the picture of Camillie he had painted. There she was with wing fully stretched and her hair flowing and those red eyes that changed his life. "I would change for you." Malachi thought as he touched the picture.

More tears rolled down his face. Footsteps interrupted his thoughts. "Milord, this was sent to you," said a servant. He handed Malachi a folded piece of paper. "She's with me now. She doesn't belong with you. Don't came looking for her. Please do you really think you can change? You still a murdering horny bastard. As I said don't look for her. You won't find her."

Malachi burned the paper. There was no name on it, but he knew who it was from. "What gives him the right?" Malachi yelled. "At lease she knows my past, but you, my friend are in trouble when she wakes up to the truth," Malachi said to himself as he walked down to the steps to the kitchen.

The sunrays touched her face causing Erica to wake up before she wanted to. She turned over on he side and slowly opening your eyes. She let out a scream. Mi'Kale jumped up. "What are you doing here? Wait, I'm at Ariel's house?" Erica rolled over and got out of the bed on the other side away from Mi'Kale. Luallen comes running in the room. "What are you doing here? Ariel, where are you?" Erica yelled.

Ariel pushed Luallen and Jennifer and Teresa follow her. "What are you two doing here? I think I'm going to faint." Erica started to drop. Mi'Kale caught he and put her back in the bed. Lu slapped Kale on the back of the head. "I told you to sleep in the other room. Now how are we going to explain us being here?!"

Mi'Kale rubs his head and looks at Luallen. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to sleep in here. It just kinda happened." Lu had a look of pure disgust on his face as he said, "You just had to fuck things up. You put the poor girl in shock. No telling when she'll come out of this. So until then, you are not allowed to come in her room. We can't have her accidentally using one of her powers. It could bring the whole house down."

Mi'Kale gritted his teeth and nodded in understanding. He hated to be told what to do by Lu, but it was for the good of everyone. Ariel entered back into the room with a cold rag, placed it over Erica's forehead and sat on the bed beside her. Teresa sat in the chair that Kale had knocked over. Jessica put the boys out and sat at the foot of the bed.

"What will we tell her?" Teresa asked. "I guess we'll tell a little about the truth and what's going on. It's the only way to keep her calm. There's no reason to lie to her. We just have to be easy about it and keep the boys away from her for a while." The girl nodded in agreement walked out the and let Erica rest

Dream Erica sink into the darkness, falling fast with no sign on stopping soon. She screamed at the top of your lungs, begging for this to stop. Her head is swimming. She was scared and can't even see her hands in front of her. Then all of a sudden she hit something hard. He whole body hurts from the stop.

Erica picked her head up and try to see of anything is near you. A small white light caught her eye. She slowly pulled herself from where she was and started walking towards the light. It only seems to get further away the more she walked towards it. Out of frustration, Erica took off run with speed and strength she didn't think she had.

The light just seems to get further and further away. It pisses her off. She yelled, falling to the ground. She pounded her fist on to it. The ground shakes under her. Erica's eyes widen as the ground around her begin to fall away.

Erica took off running, but it seems like she was not fast enough. The ground under her feet just seems to fade away. She began to fall again, but this time she felt a sharp pain coming from her back.

Erica heard an ear crushing scream. It made the skin on her arms crawl when she realized that it was coming from her mouth. Then Erica notice that she weren't falling anymore. She began to put her hand on your back. Erica gasped when you felt...End of Dream

Erica sat straight up in the bed. The cold rag fell into her lap. She looked around and saw that no ones around. She got up out of the bed to look for Ariel and asked her what happen. She stopped when she passed the mirror.

Erica turned and her eyes stretch twice their size as she looked and saw a pair of grey wings with blood and film came from her back. Her mouth drops and lets out a scream. Next thing Erica knew Ariel and Jessica come running the room. Their eyes widen as they looked at her wings. Erica turned around and looked at them.

"Someone please tell me what's the fuck are these!" Erica yelled as she placed her hands by her side in fists. The mirror behind her cracks from her voice. Ariel and Jessica look at each other. "Ummmm, Erica, there is something we need to tell you." She opened her mouth to respond but a sharp pain runs through her back again. Erica fell to her knees holding her sides in pain as her wings continue to extend. Ariel runs to her side as Jessica went and got Teresa. Ariel grabs the rag of the bed and wipes the blood away from the skin around the base of your wings. Erica screamed bloody murder and throw her across the room.

Ariel quickly recovered like nothing happened. The other sisters came into the room with water and rugs. Ariel looks at them and says, "We have to take her somewhere while her wings grow. She just might bring the house down if she stays here any longer." They all agreed.

With every inch Erica's wings grew, the louder she screamed and more blood was shed. Jess called for the boys. They quickly enter the room. Mi'Kale state that Ariel's arm was bleeding. She yelled," We have more pressing matters. Pick Erica up while we prepare for travel." The boys quickly jumped into place as they chanted the spell.

When the chant was finished, the six were in a clearing in the middle of the forest. Jessica ordered the boys to carry Erica into the house at the edge of the clearing. Teresa and Jessica carried Ariel in the house because of her injury and the stain of the travel, she fainted.

The boys place Erica in the middle of the floor of a large living room. The girls carried Ariel up the stairs. Lu and Kale sat in the chairs and watched Erica helplessly. There was nothing they could do. Erica had to grow her wings. Jess and Resa came down with a tape measure, large bowl of water, towels and bandages. Jess laid out the towels, water, and bandages as Resa careful measure your wings without touching them.

"Damn," she sighs. Everyone look at her. "She still has two and half feet left on each wing." She grabbed a towel and wiped Erica forehead. Lu yelled in frustrating, "Well, what the fuck we suppose to do? We just got to let her suffer like that. Is there something we can do for her?" Jess looked with sad eyes and said, "There is nothing we can do but make her comfortable as possible. Her wings have to grow and at this rate it will be another day or two until their finish."

Kale responded in disgust," So we got to listen to her scream and carry on like this for the next day" He stood up and walked in the kitchen, "I'm sorry but I can't do that. There's got to be something we can do for her." He slammed his fist on to the table.

"There is nothing we can do guys, nothing," Jess said with tears in her eyes. Kale stormed out the house and Lu followed. Resa and Jess work carefully and clean the dried blood from Erica's back.

Later that night, Ariel has taken Jess and Resa place of watching Erica. The girls sadly made their way up stairs to rest. Her wings had only grown a three forth's of foot. Kale and Lu stood outside on the deck.

"God, I can't take this shit anymore. Something has got to give. She being moaning, groaning and screaming since seven this morning. It's driving me crazy." Kale said as he looked into the distant. "You heard the girls. We can't do a damn thing and complaining ain't going to help her. Put yourself in her position. Tell me you wouldn't be doing the same." Kale sighed and slides the walls. Ariel yelled that she needs some more water.

Kale looks at Lu and said "It's your turn." Lu sighed and opened the door and got the water.

It's been a week since Erica's wings finished. She has been in the bed. Erica had stopped all sound and movement. The girls watched her carefully. They cleaned and bandage her new, fragile wings everyday. They took turns folding and stretching them to make sure the wings don't became stiff.

Erica woke up with the sun beaming on her face. She found herself feeling a pain in her stomach. She slowly got up and stretched. Her wings stretch to their full length. She didn't scream this time as she felt her wings. For some weird reason, Erica knew she was supposed to have them.

Erica liked this idea. She found her way to the bathroom. Erica took care when washing her wings. She amazed by the way they feel and look. They feel light as a feather, but they have leather like material entwine with the grey feathers.

Erica stood in the mirror and marvel at them. She finally put on some shorts and white t-shirt. She made slit in the back for her wings. Erica noticed that her hair has grown to her waist. She combed and brushed it. Erica decided against putting it up. It just seemed so much more natural hanging.

Erica walked down the stairs and into the kitchen. She loved the way the sun pouring through the large windows. It feels great against her skin. She grabbed a bowl and a knife. Erica sat at the inland. She peeled orange and apple. When she was done with that, she went to the cabin and got a glass out.

Erica looked in the refrigerator and grabbed some apple juice. She poured herself a glass full. She sang a little song as she walked back to her seat. It did not bother her that she automatically knew where everything was. It also didn't bother her that she seemed to be in this strange house alone.

"You still have a beautiful voice." Erica turned around to see a man dressed in a white button down shirt and a pair of jean with the most beautiful red eyes, white blonde hair and a pair of pure white wings. He's well build and stand well over a foot above you. She opened her mouth but, he put his hands up and said, "Wait, don't scream. I won't hurt you. I just want to tell you something. Can you please sit down?"

Erica questioned him in her mind at first, but she decided that it's the best idea to what the winged man said. She found her voice after she sat down. He walked to the other side of the inland. "Who are you?" Erica asked as she picked up her glass. He looked at you and smiles," I'm your half brother." Erica almost fell out her seat at these words. "My half brother? What the fuck?"

"Please don't curse. It's not becoming of a queen." "You're the second person to call me that. And I'll say what I damn well please." "Ok, suit yourself," he said as he goes through the cabinets. "Ok, half brother, what's your name?" Erica asked with her mouth full of fruit. "My name is Kevin and it's not nice to talk with your mouth full." Erica frowned and said "Ok, Kevin, why you wait and show up now?"

"Do you always ask these many questions?" "Yes and I would like some answers." He playfully frowned at her. "You haven't change a little bit. Still so pushy." "I'm not pushy," Erica folded her arms across her chest and poke her bottom lip out. "Whatever," he said as sit in front of her, "I'm here to tell you some things that well help you in the near future."

He paused and took a bite of the pear he took from the bowl between them. "You soon will be regaining your memories, but you have to heal old wounds first before you move on and become who you once were." Erica looked at Kevin half crazy.

"What are you talking about?" "They haven't told." Erica looked even more confused. "They haven't told you. What are they good for!?" he sighed "You once were a very powerful being. Second to none but God himself," he bitted the pear again, "But I really don't have time to tell you your whole story. I'm only here for today. I will get the girls to tell you your story. They're better story tellers anyways." A smile and small laugh escaped Erica's lips.

Kevin finished the pear and looked Erica straight in her eyes, "I'm here to take you to a place of pain. A place where your worst nightmares came true. A place where you must give forgiveness. A place you use to call home." Erica jumped out of her seat, "I will not step foot back in that house. Not after what the son of bitch did to me. I rather die." Suddenly, Erica began to glow and her wings fully stretch out.

A sudden wind rush through the windows causing them to break, doors to fly open. The whole house shook. Erica's eyes were glowing red and she began to float. "I hate him with a passion. He will be punished for what he did to me." Kevin stands in front of her with arms stretch wide,

"Erica, this is not the way. You have to forgive him." Erica answered with a voice that sounds like a hundred voices mixed together, "Why, why!? That man beat and raped me. Why shouldn't I get even with him? Why does he get away sin-free? Why?" "Because you have great things in store. Don't let one man's sins, turn you cold and bitter." Kale, Lu, Ariel, Resa and Jess are all standing at the doorway in awe of Erica's display of power.

Kevin begins to plea with her, "Erica, please, please, don't be like this. Please stop this foolishness." She looked down on him and into his eyes. They pled, beg with her to stop and calm down. Erica regained her senses. She landed on your feet wings still stretched. Her eyes were still a glowing red as she said "Kevin, I don't give a flying fuck about who you are and what you say. I'm not going to that house."

Erica stormed pass everyone and back to the room she awoke in. "Well, that went well," Ariel said. "Shut up, Ariel." "Well, Kevin, it's nice to see, but how you going to get her out that room. She's still stubborn as ever," Mi'Kale said. "I don't know but I must try," Kevin sat down with despair on his face," The fate of the world may depend on it." Everyone became uneasy and looked to the ground.