I'm not a poet, I know I suck, you don't have to tell me! Let's see...I wrote this a few years ago, back in like 7th grade...I was severly depressed then, and according to the therapist, I still am...Whatever...At least someone finally sees the truth in Hannah! (yay?) Anyway my chipper attitude is my cover for it all, and I've finally decided to share some feelings with all of you...

I posted this for three reasons:
1) I was bored
2) It was the first time I could read this in about two years, so I figured everyone should have a chance
3) I had nothing better to do...


Anyone who'll listen
Anyone who's there
Listen to me cry
My hands tangled in my hair
If the words, 'let it out' are so easy to say
Why can't they be easy to do today?

They say when you cry, it helps lift some things
To let it out over the kitchen sink
Or in the shower
Or on your bed
Just letting it out?
Doesn't clear my head
Just makes it hurt more
And increases the pain
Knowing it's so thick, my face turned to disdain
Disgusted at the way my life has been led
Not life per se
But how it's all twisted in my head

I need to find something to block my heart from the sorrow
But I guess I'll check again tomorrow
Because it's dark outside so I'll probably look over it
Stumble over my own two feet, too weak
To see that you're right here in front of me

Now I'm not so good at this whole saying goodbye...
When you said it to me I stayed strong, I tried
But in me my heart withered and died
I know it's forever, no matter what they say
But I cling to thoughts that you could return to me
Return, maybe someday
All I want is truth behind the lies...
And I know the truth was in your eyes

And I have no words to end this
So I'll just say goodnight
To anyone who's listened
To anyone who's cried