Horror Flickers

A symphony of mindlessness
torrential rain pouring from
glossy lips of lies and flattery

Under the veneer of candylove and sugarsweet
simmers pained regrets, breaking below the frosted flake
whispering 'I'm sorry' with each crest
She's spreading gossip
butter on her day's toast
and he strides by
chasing some elusive idea
his questing beast of life




and the subway of thought
whizzes by on tracks of time

they giggle,
medusas glamoured in highlights and pink,
speaking innocent treason,
thinking her gazes are
sunbeams of puppy-like
toward you.

If only they knew

when the rivulets of watery shards
nest in every imperfection on
her chapped soul-armor
she imagines it's him
running illicit fingers too fast to stop
down her body's bruised essence
impossible to hold
but more real than you

and the movie won't stop replaying
black and white and flickering in her mind
with misplaced ribbons of flesh
sprinting along the sides