The strobes lights beat a steady bright red around the dancers. A harsh sounding trance music floated down from the speakers hidden in the ceiling. His body roamed around the random girls, dancing to a lustful beat, and just feeling them up.

The dark red velvet walls made the room all the more heated, and the harsh, gratting sound of the music swept on. His silver hair flashed in the lights, and his cackle carried to the rafters. The girl he was dancing with smiled at him, her bed room dark eyes sparkling. He smiled a smile filled with venom and blood lust. He couldn't help it. Three weeks was long enough.

The hour passed in a blur of giggles, kissing, and then being bitten by fangs sharper than any surgen's scalpul. He leaned up and wiped the excess blood from his lips. Cracking his neck, he left the half dead girl in the dark V.I.P room, and strode out to the party once more.

He walked up to the DJ booth and started to play another harsh, jagged, techno beat. The head phone hung onto his ear which was graced by three diamond studs. He looked out over the masses of people dancing to his music. He kept mixing, and they kept dancing, like puppets to the strings held by their master's hand. The strobe lights started beating faster and faster, making everything look like it was taped in stop motion photos.

"Faster," he muttered under his breath. A deranged smile played on his lips as they did as he said. His steal grey eyes watched the people dance until the door creaked open behind him.

"Rome," the voice said quietly. He barely heard it and continued watching his sick display of entertainment.

"Rome!" the voice almost shouted. He turned around and a small girl, who looked no older than fourteen, stood in the doorway, in a white lace up top, and a black skirt. Her beautiful blond hair was held up into tight braids that pulled her hair back from her olive green eyes.

"Yes, Kiara Lee?" he snapped at her. She stood her ground, immensely impressive, considering that she was in the presence of one of the more sadistic of this certain comminuity.

"Camille and Silaria said to get your butt home before they do something to me and Kady again!" Kiara Lee said frantically. Her voice was beautiful, like honey. Rome looked her over, and noticed the slight, fading bruise underneath her eye. He nodded, and put on a disc of pre-mixed music into the table.

"What did they do this time?" he asked tiredly. Kiara Lee hugged onto her arms and looked at the ground.

"Riding crop," she answered simply. Rome grit his teeth. Camille was ten times as sadistic as he was, even if she didn't want to admit it. And her best friend Silaria, didn't exactly try stopping the situation.

"Where's Kady?" he asked. Kiara Lee looked to the ground, avoiding the steal grey eyes that would make any mortal go mad on a whim.

"Kiara Lee," Rome said slowly.

"With Camille and Silaria, they told her to stay behind while I got you," the young girl said. She was too young to have been beat like she was. Subject to her mistress's every sickeningly terrifying whim.

The image of Kady's red eyes crying once more played across Rome's mind, as it often did when Kiara Lee was sent to get him. He shook his head of the image and looked around. Tomorow was the first day of September, the end of fun during the day time, all the people even close to his age were at work, or school. He sighed, steeling himself to have to spend a long winter with his Mistress and her friend.

He slipped and arm around Kiara Lee's shoulder, seeing as how she was shivering and her lips were blue. The young girl smiled, and held onto his ringed, middle finger. Rome looked around the numerous buildings that led the way to Camille's rather lavish, city estate.

Record stores, beauty parlors, shoe stores, everything you could think of, all in down town Fredericksburg. Amazingly enough, Rome was around when the first started building the place, back in the fourties.

He smiled to himself, and thought about the hectic time they had when they had to figure out how to supply more wood to finish the buildings for the mayor, without shorting the people out for warmth in the winter. That year the people had gotten a mayor's office, and were left with Influenzea.

"Rome," Kiara Lee whispered.

"Yes, Blue Jay?" he asked her. He always called her, "Blue Jay", and Kady, "Robin". He didn't know why, they just always struck him as those birds.

"Why do you still listen to Camille and Silaria?" she asked. She shouldn't have to be worrying about if she was going to get beat again tonight, she should have been worrying about getting a cetain assignment done, or making the cute boy four lockers down from her like her.

But, alas, Camille and Silaria fixed that little problem. She and Kady were home-schooled.

"If I didn't, they'd set the scientists on me again, and test on me like a rabbit," he sighed and kissed the top of the girl's head. The sceintists, what a delightful thought, let's skip it for the moment shall we?

Kiara Lee looked straight ahead, the building Camille lived in becoming visible.

At the tip top of the grand thirteen story apartment complex, Camille and Silaria lived in their luxorious pent house suite. They strode in the lobby, and Rome went to get the key pass to the apartment, while Kiara Lee wandered around.

A boy with shaggy dirty-blond hair sat beside a rather cranky looking, but young, room cleaner, which was probably his mother. He smiled at Kiara Lee, and she blushed. She walked over to him and struck up a conversation.

Rome smiled at the young girl.

She should be doing this, not what Camille wants her to do. Rome though.t

Rome decided to let Kiara Lee enjoy the moment of freedom she had, and glided outside to smoke a ciggarette. He fumbled to get it from its metallic silver packaging, but when he did, he slipped it in his lips, and lit it with a flick of a small silver lighter, which had a magic eight ball soldered onto the side of it.

One deep drag and his tense muscles loosened. He hated having to depend on ciggarettes to loosen him up nowadays, back in the sixties all he had to do was think about being calm, and it happened. He shook his head, and exhaled the smoke out of his nostrils in two smokey white columns.

The tight black denium of his jeans clung to his sweaty legs, a rather disgusting feeling if it never happened to you. He leaned his head back and looked up at the night sky. Not a star in sight.

Another drag, a ten second hold, and he blew the smoke out in rings. He smiled slightly, as he stomped the rest of the life of the ciggarette out underneath his heavy black boot.

Clomping back in, Kiara Lee waved to the boy who was walking out the door behind him. The boy stopped in front of him.

"Dude, is that girl your sister?" he asked. Rome smiled. He enjoyed it when people thought he and the girls were related.

"Why yes she is, and if you ever hurt her, well, they'll be tracing your body in chalk when you wake up," Rome smiled. The boy laughed and walked out after his mother. Kiara Lee smiled up at him.

"Oh my gosh, I think I'm in love with him!" she giggled. Rome rolled his eyes, and wrapped his arm around her shoulder.

"You'll know when you fall in love," he smiled at her. She blushed and then frowned, remembering their destination. They stepped into a small elavator with plush seats and hunter green wall paper.

"Have you ever been in love, Rome?" she asked him. This startled Rome. He shook his head.

"I'm not sure, but if I was, I don't remember," he sighed. He was amazed at how much this one girl could stir in his thoughts.

The elavator finaly finished its slow accent to the pent house, and Rome and Kiara Lee stepped out and walked down a beautiful hall that was all creamy golds, and white satin couches. Kiara Lee slid the pass key into the door, and walked quietly in.

"Ah! Kiara Lee! So nice to see you finaly decided to join us here!" her rich, high pitched voice snapped, the voice of a spoiled brat.

Kiara Lee spun around to see a lazy looking Silaria lougning on a creamy white love seat, a fat black and brown cat snoozing peacefully in her lap. Her teal-blue hair flowed down her back, and she looked as pleased as a cat who had caught, and killed a mouse. Kiara Lee dropped to the floor, her face touching the persian carpet.

"Please forgive me for being late Mistress! It took longer than I would have thougth to find Rome!" she pleaded with the cold woman. Her steely blue gaze drifted from the pile of fret on the floor that was the beautiful Kiara Lee, to the man standing in the door way, in a navy top that was unbuttoned down his chest. Her eyes traced a few necklaces that hung on his neck, and a black dog collar.

"Well, Rome. So nice of you to join us," Silaria smiled. It was cold and bitter like the sting of a wasp, and Rome hated it with a passion so deep...

Silaria snapped her head towards the glass french doors that had french-vanilla white cutrtians on them.

"Kady! Get your ungrateful ass in here!" Silaria shrieked. Soon a cried out looking Kady ran into the room, a red blazer wrapped tightly around her most probably bleeding ribs, and a black skirt that was all crooked.

It was all Rome could do not to scream at Silaria for how she was treating these girls, as Kady dropped to the ground beside Kiara Lee. Silaria delivered each a swift kick in the ribs. Kiara Lee gave a cry that she choked off at the end, and Kady howled.

The torrents of black hair stuck to her cheeks, probably from stuffing her face into her pillows and crying from what ever pain she endured while Kiara Lee was gone.

"You ungrateful retches!" Silaria snapped. "Get out of my sight!"

Kiara Lee hobbled to a standing postion, and helped the frigid Kady to her feet, and they both stumbled wobbily back up to the french doors and closed them. Silaria turned her cold gaze once more to Rome.

"Well, since you're here. Camille has left for buisness to go to the convention in London. Just wanted to let you know. Oh, by the way, she left me in charge of the girls while she is gone, so don't be expecting any vists from them unless I need you to commit some vicious act against humanity," Silaria snapped. Rome kept himself from flinching, and nodded.

Silaria turned her back to him, and went to petting the fat old cat once again. Rome started out the pent house, and down the hallway.

"I wish that cat would die," he muttered under his breath, combing his choppy silver hair with his fingers. He felt something trickle down his chest.

"Oh no, not again," he gasped.