We Who Die Without A Cause

I sit upon the edge of a cloud,

Up in the bright world of Heaven.

I look down to the earth.

I look down, and I see the struggles people have.

I see them working hard at a profession of their choosing.

I see the happy faces when their families come up the lane.

I see them cry at death or sorrow.

Then I look down,

And I see my mother.

She is going on in her life.

She is secure and in no imminent danger.

She has no fear that someone will kill her.

When I was on that earth, I had the same hope.

I hoed that one day, I might do something to make her proud.

I hoped that one day I could see her face,

But I did not get that chance

One day,

As I was simply in my mother,

We went to a place.

It was noisy.

I did not know where I was,

But my mother was there,

And I knew that I would be safe.

The next thing I knew,

I was coming into a room.

A strange person told my mother,

"If you wish, we will begin."

I felt strange suddenly.

Pain shot through me.

Then I woke up in this bright place.

Jesus was standing over me.

He welcomed me here.

But His expression was a sad one,

As I learned that my mother had allowed my life to be taken.

So now,

As I sit upon the edge of this cloud,

Up in the bright World of Heaven,

I look down to the earth.

I see my mother.

I wonder,

"Is she thinking of me?"

Perhaps she regrets it.

But only she knows.

But, as I sit upon this cloud,

In the bright world of Heaven, I look down,

And I know that this is true:

I am one of us who died without a cause.