St. Martin's Hospital Psychiatric Ward Seattle, Washington
May 19, 2007
Ninety-Seven years later ( Present Time)
(Sara's Point of View)

"Her breathing was raspy; you could hear every sickening thing that slipped off her tongue. Every syllable was like a knife slicing into my skin. The clicks of her boots were like the ticking of the clock for every second I had left in my life. Swallowing, my breath so shallow, every nerve of my body was on alert, I was so lost, in a seemingly drug induced haze, everything moving ever so slowly. Naomi's auburn hair was curled curvaceously around the luscious curves of her face. Her lips were distorted into a saccharin sweet, seducing smile. Never had I seen her this way before. I began to shake in anticipation, for she was known to be cruel and harsh in her ways, as the light strained through the boards covering the high windows. I struggled against my ropes before I caught her gaze once again. The hatred in her eyes burned so badly. I had to turn away. As in perfect sync, she caught the side of my face with the whipping blade of her slap; my eyes stung with the withering light. Everything seemed to drain on from there.

"I can't remember anything else right now, my head is spinning. It's too much. But, I can think of everything she did to me, every last thing, from the scratches down my legs to the horrible ways she took advantage of me." Shaking, Dylan turned away from me, gazing out the window at the tainted blue sky, rippling with heat waves. "For the count, it all started on a day like this; oh, everything was so simple and fine. Until…until - "

He cut off in a trance and slumped back down in his bed, a crumpled note falling out of his hand to the floor. Looking around, I picked up the note and tucked it into my shirt pocket. Surely, some nurse would need to come and check on his conditions soon, so I had to be swift. But, unable to control my curiosity, I pulled the note back out and cradled it in my hands. Slowly opening the crumpled paper, I read the smeared parchment, only a few lines legible, as if made that way. Before I could realize what I was doing, the words were slipping off my tongue:

"Closure has come to me myself, you will never belong to me - ," Jumping at a sudden movement in his direction, Dylan came up breathing hard, screaming so loud it would bring the whole hospital down, "TWO SIDED TIME, YOUR REBIRTH CAN'T HURT, BRANCH OUT BEHIND THE PAIN."

a.a. hey guess what? it's not a short story, surprise!