I know the truths of the world in the darkness

Where the ashes of man fall freely

And where all the men can be seen

Laughing and drinking the fine spirits

Of the greatest lands in the east

Where the vineyards are kept with virgin blood.

In the deepest hours of their drunken slumbers

The oceans cry out with profound rage

And plunder the coast with icy tears

Slamming and ravishing mans great achievement

The port yards of travelers' greed

To which all men and beast alike travel the oceans path.

In the morning's sun the moon's linger gone

The men see the peaceful rage

Of the greatest powers of the spirit

In the virgin's eastern sun

Which pierces the lusting of man and beast

And subdues them with mild light.

Gentle dusk, the summoner of twilight

Men sit and raise a toast

Unto the great soft pink sky

As they think of the virgin lands of the east

Where the virgin's blood keeps the vineyard

And the lust of men is consumed by the chastity of the perfect sun.