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When we walked into the dance, it was just getting started. Speaking of which, they were playing "Get this Party Started" by the Black-Eyed Peas. We all cheered and began dancing.

Greg took my hand and spun me a few times before dipping me. It was actually a lot of fun and good way to start off the dance for me. And an excellent way to get a lot of envious looks because a lot of girls didn't have guys who could do that with them… or guys, period.

Actually, I laughed a little by the little dance, and was surprised when Greg asked me if I wanted to Tango. Hell yeah, I wanted to. It was very rare that a girl come across a guy who can Tango, and especially when that girl lives in Hoffmanburgville.

So, we Tangoed, even though it was not a Tango song at all. He dipped me and spun me like an expert. I almost thought that he might have been as good at Tangoing as I was. After a few songs of Tango, I was finally getting tired, when Greg pulled me up from a dip, I wound up about half an inch away from his lips.

Expecting the Greg that had been around the last few weeks to stay, I wasn't too worried. And the smile on my lips showed him that I was having the time of my life. So… why did he have to go and ruin it by kissing me?

And he had been soo good the last few weeks. But, I found his lips on mine again and, God, I wanted to kill someone. I pulled back and looked at him, my eyes watering a little.

I was having a bit of trouble breathing as my heart thudded heavily. I knew I was about to cry. After a disappointed shake of my head, I turned and rushed out of there. God, how could I have thought that the last few weeks were anything more than an act? People don't just suddenly change like that as if they learned their lesson.

"Cara," I heard Greg approaching me. I was outside, hoping that the decreasing October temperature would help me to think like normal.

"Why'd you have to go and do that?" I asked. "It was such a good night until…"

"Cara, I'm sorry," Greg said. "I just couldn't help myself. You're so beautiful and I'm not afraid to say that I like you. A lot."

I wiped a few tears from my cheek, not even wanting to know what I looked like now. "I thought I've made it clear that I don't want to be in any type of loose relationship like the ones you've had in the past."

"Loose relationship?" Greg asked. "Cara, what makes you think that I'm just going to go and do something with someone else? Sure, I've had a loose relationship in the past, but what reason have I given you to think that I have that on my mind here?"

"What reasoning do I have that you'll be any different?" I asked.

"The fact that I haven't even looked at another girl the same way I look at you," Greg said. "I've had girls throwing themselves at me since I've been here, but I haven't even paid attention to what they were trying to flaunt. You're the only girl I've kissed. I think that I've been quite devoted to you since I came here. What more can I do. Every time I kiss you, you freak out."

Why was he making this so hard? I clearly didn't trust him.

"Come on, Cara," Greg pleaded. "I'll do anything." I was having trouble breathing again. "Just tell me what to do and I'll do it."

"God, Greg," I said, wiping a new set of tears from my cheeks. "How can you expect me to be all into you if you haven't even done anything to show me that you only want to be with me?"

"What do you want?" Greg asked. "I swear I'll do anything."

"Maybe you should have asked me out first," I said.

Greg sort of laughed and smiled. "Is that all?" He shook his head at his own shame. "Simplicity, why don't I ever think of it?" He stepped closer to me and took my hand in his. "Cara Zani, will you do me the honor of being my girlfriend? I promise not to cheat or be loose or any of that other shit I used to do when I dated in the past."

I smiled through my tears. "As long as you keep your promise," I said. I moved to kiss his cheek, but he intercepted with his lips. I suppose that as long as we were technically going out it was okay.

"Let's get back inside," Greg said after a few minutes. "It's cold out here and you're missing your dance."

I nodded and followed Greg back in.

When we got back in, one of the classic songs was playing. "You spin me right round, Baby, right round. Like a record, Baby, right round, round, round." I yelled finding Dani, Beth, and Anna in the center of the floor. The four guys smiled, amused by our craziness.

"Where did you disappear to?" Anna asked.

"And do I detect tear stains on your obnoxiously smiling face?" Beth asked.

"Well," I said. "He asked me out."

They all squealed for a second. "Wait…" Dani looked at me. "What about the tears?"

"Well, he kissed me first and that got me all flustered and riled up and mad and all that stuff," I said. "But then he followed me outside and begged me to tell him what I wanted because he wanted me so badly."

"That's so romantic," Beth said.

The dance was much better from that point on, and I could see a lot of happiness in the future now that Greg had finally asked me out. The last song is always a slow song, and this year, it was "You and Me" by Lifehouse. I smiled and rested my head on Greg's shoulder as we swayed back and forth for at least three minutes after the music had stopped. The night ended with a kiss, and me falling completely in love.

That's the end of story number two. Number three is on its way. It'll be called Popular: Ignore the Stares. This time, Cara's gone to New York City to visit her dad over Thanksgiving weekend. For the first time, she gets to meet Greg's friends, the In-Charge Crowd, dubbed by those that grew up around them. Little does Cara know that they, specifically Marie since Greg left, run the scene in New York much like she runs the scene in Hoffmanburgville.

But that's not all. She also finds out her dad has a surprise for her, and the last time he really surprised her was when he left her mother.