My vocal chords are cracking

Dust on the theater floor

But we just never stop acting

For the show must go on.

Good will always prevail

Faux heroes and pseudo-beliefs

There is no right and wrong

But condemn me now,

For I am human,

And let your vindication commence.

Forever more I'll plead the fifth,

And I'll forever read this script.

For you can't twist prewritten words,

Rehearsed actions. A cul-de-sac

Which will inevitably become truth.

Still, the biased critic beats me down

Raping me of my last shred of dignity.

Jealousy coursing through my veins,

This feeling cannot be explained.

A Judas kiss which the narrow minded ignore

(For a kiss is a kiss)

Blinded by their rapture

Their passion, much as I once was.

But now I speculate,

Hot words scalding me.

I value the opinion of the audience.

To hand over so willingly

My faith, my life…

Nay, close the curtain.

Pull it tight.

End this show,

This disheartening sight.

Don't delay for the proverbial fat lady

For she will never come

To peel away our locked doors

This childish façade,

Or remove us from our misery.

Say what you will.

I wore my heart on my sleeves for you

But now there's nothing left.

My remaining worth is gone.

The finale is here

And you shall have your encore.