You Always Liked The Thunderstorms
28 March 2006
1:47 A.M.

You always liked the thunderstorms.
You always liked the rain.
So maybe if I watch them
I'll feel you close again.

Though thunderstorms frighten me
I'll sit outside and listen
And as the rain falls
Tears in my eyes will glisten

Somehow I'll know you're there
Arms wrapped around me tight
And no more tears will fall
I now know you were right.

Somehow in the fury of the storm
In the howls of wind and rain
My precious loved one watches me
And sits by my side again

I'll close my eyes and still I'll see
As you walk that precious path
Into God's loving arms
You'll be with him at last

Deep in my heart I'll understand
Because now I finally know
You have not really left my side,
You're just with God watching me grow

You always liked the thunderstorms
You always liked the rain
And now I sit and watch them
So I can be near you again.