You had a clean record
you were an unowned child
an unruly prince, if you will—
you had all those stupid girls swooning for you.
No mercy and no kindness,
you stripped down their virtual reality visors
and you made them see now
a "now" where you don't care,
you don't want them to agree
you had all your followers
and you kicked them nose first into the curb.
Well I might not be argumentative
but I can smell a foul person from a mile away.
I ratted you out and gave you what you needed,
maybe even what you wanted
I took the bait, I took the crap
and I made it into a game
and so somehow earned your respect;
I'm not sure whether to feel ultimately proud or sick.
And while we're nowhere near friends now—
but respecting acquaintances, sure—
everyone talks about us—you know it,
and the things I most appreciate about your stubborn, nasty personality
are your loyalty to your friends,
your unwillingness to reconcile with the hotties,
and the way you don't deter the predictions everyone has
about a never-was, never-will-be "us."