Fish Tank:

Quiet lights

Floating thoughts

Drifting dreaming

Listening to his fish tank


He fades in and out of slumber

They know he will survive

He waits until night falls

Shakily he moves from

His bed

His feet shuffle closer

To the fish tank

He had worked on an animal


But now he thinks he should of

Known about self-preservation

He had got too close to

A mother cougar and

Her cubs

His face and entire body

Was mutilated

He peers into the clear

Water of the fish tank

Slowly and soundlessly

He removes the light and

Moves his office chair before the tank

He steps onto it

He balances and steps easily

Into the tank

The water is up to

His knees as he

Eases himself down face-first

Into the water

He holds his head under

He begins to feel

Slightly dizzy

Then drowsy

Then at peace

His last

Breath breathed