A promised life

Eternal kisses

Reach the sun

And touch the moon

Watch in wonder

Fall away now

Drown in your

Impending doom

Once mine only

Hidden, secret

Not allowed

A single word


Mocked, insulted

Kindle flame

A hope absurd

It was fine, though

With you; out there

Key to heaven's

Golden gate

Cain and Able

Stoke the fire

Try to fix me

Way too late

Watch in wonder

Leave the sworn end

Lying in a

Cloud of dust

Gather round and

Gather storied

Sit and hear

Collecting rust

As I wait

Your hand gripped tightly

Pulled away

But ne'er to leave

Hearts of glass

Too easy broken

Shattered dreams

Cannot retrieve

Watch in wonder

As the sunrise

Brings you back

Into my arms

Smile with knives

Beneath your concepts

Safe for now

From hate and harm

Just the right

Again beneath us

Dancing in

A shadowed rose

Both to follow

None be guided

Past a rainbow

No one knows

Sleep in peace

And dream in oceans

Love and hope

Surround you now

Watch in wonder

In the morning

As the evening

Claims its prow

See her dancing

Watch her body

Water, fire

Music, air

Eyes of diamond

Hardness sparkling

Softly calling

Others there

Lead astray

And pull you distant

Lost amid

My nightmare cloud

Take her hand and

Don't be frightened

I could never

Harm you now

Dream of daggers

Harsh words spoken

Conjure up

And absent thought

Meant to hurt

And meant to shatter

Was your woeful

Murd'rous lot

Cry your sorrow

As a river

But alas

The sorrow's mine

Steal the precious

Soul eternal

Back from near

The end of time

She will take you

She will love you

I will witness my demise

Watch in wonder

See the murder

Young the girl

With tearful eyes