Live by my rules

Of all the seasons,

Late summer and early fall,

Are the best.

The way the water ripples,

And the leaves changing color,

I could care less about the world.

No one can bother me,

No one can disgust me,

Name calling doesn't hurt,

And sticks and stones break no bones,

I can calmly get out of situations,

Occasionally needing force.

I can go on little sleep,

I rise way to early,

Yet I don't care,

I live by my rules,

I'm not mean,

But I can be harsh,

Do what you want,

I mind not,

I can leave you in the dust,

As I continue.

You can try to stop me,

But I shall plow on through,

I live by my rules,

Go ahead and try,

To get into my mind.