Chapter Thirty-Nine

Kyu does not arrive at the Seisha estate until two days later, but much to my dismay he is acting as Yoshiki Sasaki.

"I have my orders, Satsu." He says, his voice completely devoid of emotion. "Either you come back or you die."

"I'm not going back, Yoshiki." I tell him. He unsheathes his sword and levels it at my throat.

"Then you'll die." He says.

Bang! The gun in my hand goes off, wounding Kyu in his stomach. He falls to the ground and I stand over him for about twenty minutes, watching him bleed to death.

"I'm sorry, Satsu…" Kyu says, looking up at me.

His eyes roll back into his head and he's completely still.

I drop to my knees beside him and bury my face in his chest.

No… he's not dead… he's just pretending… People like Kyu don't actually die…

But he is… he is and I killed him…

A thought suddenly occurs to me and I turn his face up to the ceiling and bend over him, looking into his eyes and willing myself to relax.

I fall into his eyes and see the cleome. I reach out to take it but suddenly I freeze.

I can't move… why can't I move?

And I hear Haruka's voice, like Viper's, as if from a million miles away from a badly tuned radio.

"You're dead, Satsu… You're dead."

Two cleomes dance in the wind…

Author's Note: I know, a very sudden ending, but I wanted it to be fast paced and it's the first book that I have actually finished!!! Go me!!!

So yeah, everyone died… maybe I'll write a sequel about Haruka and the second cleanup or something… or maybe I'll write a prequel about the first Grenatian War… or maybe I'll go even further back and tell about Kyu's childhood…

Or maybe not. Who knows?