I am but rippling flesh and curls and nerves

Huddled in my own embrace

Against the chill

My porcelain face

Is perched above my sinewy curves

As I wait here, on heaven's sill

You are nothing but my second-person muse

Merely, a shadow of heartwalls cast,

And often to the side

These waves of fading gray last,

You're a silent battle I'll ever lose

As I wait here, in the tide

The rosy finger of red dawn is glowing here

Bright as the veiny scars

On my sleepless eyes

I've been gazing at the stars

Melting into morning's fear

As I wait here, under sunrise

You are as shallow and calm as river bays

But I am the ocean's spirit

Calling to the shore

Can you scarcely hear it?

It may echo, but it stays

As I wait, forevermore