Ramblings of A Slightly Random, Slightly Deranged Seven Year Old

Dedicated to my Auntie Bev. I love you.

Each entry is seperated by a space. Pretty self explanatory. All spelling mistakes are courtesy of me when I was seven. I find them quite endearing and they add quite a bit to the comedy of it. You don't even have to know me to laugh at all this. Please review...the small child in me who once sat down at her little desk to pen these wants to know what you think!

In summer I liked simming going on a nater trail, playing with my friend B.j. and playing on a tier swing.

In summer I went to camp for a week and I sang lots of songs and I went swimming every day.

When I was a baby I cralled to the t.v. pulled myself up and turned it off.

When I was five me and my mom made cookies. And they were penut butter. The cookies were graet. If we mak anymore I'l aske if i can bring em.

I was a flouer girl at my antes wedding. Now my other ante is getting married. This time I'm a bides maed.

Last friday I went to grandmas house. My mom, dad, Philip went to a wedding. I staed with my friends. I slepted on the floor.

Tomorrow after school I am going to brownies. Next week when I go to brownies we will get show and tell. And I have my very own uniform. And maby we might go camping.

Today I'm going to work.

And after work I'm going home.

I love my teacher.

I love Marianne.

I love school.

I love Stephanie.

I love Katie.

I love Lindsay.

When I go home I'm going to bed.

A long long time a go when I was about three years old I went horse back rideing. Me and my friend Rebecca rode a horse together.

On Saturday it is brounie potluck. I have to wear my Brounie uniform. And on Thursday I am going to be enrolled. And that means I'm going to be a reale Brounie.

I have a new van. It has a front speaker and a back speaker. And little buttons in the front and the buttons are for opening the very back windoes. And there are special mirrors in the front and when you open them a light turns on. So you can see your self in the dark.

I like school because I can print, math, games and reading. When I come to school the best I like to do is print. Do you know why I like to do that? I will tell you why becaus it is fun.

I love Stephanie.

I love Lindsay.

I love Mrs. Callins.

On Halloween I'm going to be a princess. And on sunday I'm going to be the Queen of the Bible cause thers going to be a creation party.

I am good at math.

I am on plus eight.

I was on plus seven.

Math is fun.

When I was five Katie and I colecked snails. We named them here are there names, Cookie, Jocklit, Vilet, Missy, Minnie, Mickey, Chocklate, Baby Pumpkin, Vicky and thatsit.

My aunt and uncle live in hongkong. They come every cristmas. And my other aunt comes from winipeg every cristmas. And every cristmas my grandpa dresses up like santa. And everbody is a elf. And we go through my grandma grandpa's work.

When my mom was little she craked her head open. When my dad was little he broke his arme playing foot ball. And I got my head stuck betuean the couch and the wall.

Maby if my mom lets me I can go to the Newton wave pool with Katie. The first time i tried swimming it was very hard. Then I went to camp and lern't how to swim. So now when ever I go to a swimming pool I witl swim.

Last saturday I got a rugburn. I think I got it when my friend Emiley was draging me on the foor. December first I'm going to be in a christmas play called Free Gift. I'm going to be in the cuier. i have to read something to the audience. I get to wer my mom and dad's clothes.

You Are My Best teacher

You are my best teacher my really best teacher you make me happy everyday you share great games you share your best class so please don't take my best teacher away. Today I'm going to Katie's house.

This sunday is Free Gift. I can not wait till sunday Dec. first. THe peaple in the are Jhony angel, Angel Gabrel, Im a Rush, Esther, Hariett, Mr. Biginton, and man. These are the songs Too Busy, Important, Why Don't they want the Lord, One more present, Free gift, and Free gift.

Last night I made an angel. These are the things you need: paper toul, sugar water, cup, sparkle glue, white beeds, hare, glue gun, wax paper, rubber band, styra foiem, sauser, And if I'm carful I'll bring it to school in a box.

Last friday night my grandma took me to see The Wizard of Oz on ice. it was great. And last saturday a lady put string in my hare it has a bell and a bead with a flouer on it.

When I grow up I will be an singer. And I will be an aretist. And an a writer. This is one of the books I will write Caterpillar. I have moved four times first time moving was a basement then an apartment basment again then a house.

A long time ago when I was five me Katie and Stephanie were all in the same class. We all played together.

When I was six me Katie and Stephanie and Lindsay were in the same class are teachers name was Miss Shrag.

Rug Rats is my favoite t.v. show. I just finished Free Gift. I got embaresed. But at least it was fun. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Today I bought a babminton set and a heghog. They are for my brother and sister.

Today I'm going to Katie's house. And after Kids Club I am going to sleep over at Katie's house. And in the morning Katie is going to take me to school.

Today Marianne gave me a friendship braselet. These are the colors in it purple, green, and white. And I gave her an angel in a heart.

Over the hollidays I got an Easy Bake Over, Barbie and Kaekoe, Super Gymnist Barbie, Barbie jeep, 21 dollars, U.F.O. Top, Snow dome, Candle making kit, China tea set, Dress, Sailor Mon nightgown, Micky and Minnie shirt, and that's all!

My baby brother has his two teeth. And I keep saying all he wants for christmas are all of his teeth. A few years ago I got polly pocket and my pretty doll house.

Last night I went to Brownies it was a pot luck dinner. And it was an enrollment night for the new Brownies. I got to stay up very late.

Last sunday I went to go see Star Wars special edition. It was a good movie me and my dad put two thumbs up. After the movie we went for lunch. And after supper I stayed up till ten and it was a school night.

Yesterday night I played my Nintendo. The game that I put in was Super Mario World. It was fun. Every sunday I go to visit my grandma.

Last night after school I went to Katie's house Me, Drew, and Katie each go to play nintendo mine was The Addams Family Katie's was Weel of Fortune, and Drew's was a racing one.

When I went to the dentist I got plastick put on some of my back teeth. My dentist's name is Dr. Ed. Whenever I go to the dentist or dr.s office I do what ever i'm told to do but I never talk cause I'm shy.

I am just learning handwriting it is hard to do.

The best part of the Science Fir was the whirl pool I saw Lara and Holly there. I got a stamp from Stephanie's brother Ryan. I got to touch a whirl pool. I liked the volano. The stap had a pterodactyl. I liked the rocks. I saw Stephanie's sister Catherine. I also saw Stephanie's mom Yvonne. Fatima dragged me everywhere. I liked the Science Fair alot.

My birthday is June 22 1989. For my birthday I want to invite Katie, Stephanie, Alysha, Marianne, and Aarthi. My sister's birthday is June 26. I am four years older then her. I think she was born in 1994. My sisters name is Sarah my brothers name is Philip he was born in 1996 in July he is now seven months old.

Me Katie, Stephanie, Darline, Alysha, Marianne, Aarthi, Fatima are friends. We are all in a club we play shaks most of the time. And today we did plays I did Some Where over ther rainbow, Katie did Colors Of The Wind, Steph did the Hunch Back of Notre Dame.

My brother can sit up now. He is very good at it but he falls down some times. He eats oatmeat and other baby foods. On tuesday me and Katie are going to the Newton Wave Pool. Maybe Katie's friend Dallis might come too.

When I go to the Newton Wave pool I will bring 50 cents just in case. I will go down the littl water slide it will be my second time going

Last saturday my Auntie Edna and Uncle John came over. They came all the way from winnipeg. They have four kids their names are Angela, Elanor, Andrew, and Edward. Anglea is 20 and Edward is 12.

Yesturday I got robbed! The boys who robbed us stole are V.C.R., Nintendo, C.Ds, remote. I feel sorry for them that they had to be aressted but i'm mad that they broke in.

Tonight I am going to Brownies this is my uniform and what it looks like it is a dress, a tie, a scarfe, and pantyhose, and a belt.

On april the fifth 97 my uncle Gary and his friend Miriam are coming to my house. They are going to babysit me.

Last satuday my mom, dad, grandma, and grandpa all went the Bombay Palace for moms birthday. And when they got home dadoo gave me ice cream.

I like poems and I made up a few just for you. This Katie went to market but Stephanie stayed home this Marianne had roastbeef but Fatima had none this little Alysha ran wee-wee-wee all the way home.

When I get my hari cut it will be right under my nose. An that is very short. My baby brother Philip is starting to crawl.

Katie is going to sine up for brownies. She will probably be in my group is called fairies. There is a song to go with it it goes like like this Where the Faries shining brihgt triing hard to do wats right.

Today me Alysha, Darline, Sarah, and Marianne were playing a cat game. I was the mommy cat the rest were kittens. And Alysha was the sick kitten.

I can read alot of words even supercalifragalistickakespalidocisus and it took me two lines to write supercalifagalistickakespalidocisus. And I can read enciclopedea, dictionary, pinata. Those are pretty easy for me!

I have invisable friends. Their names are Hearts, Bizonka, Jamie, and Jodi. At night when nobody tucks me in the come and sing to me and tuck me in.

I like Roger Rabbit because he is married to a human name Jessica. Jessica married a rabbit.

I am go at drawing portrats. In the picture I have drawn it is Fatima's face. The day after tommorow I'm going to sign my Junior Soldiers pledg. and then I'm going on a picnic. And after shcool today I'm going to grandma's house.

I know some songs from brownies this how they go Look out we'r the jolly pixses helping others when in fixes. This is what we do ds elves think others not ourselves. Here you see the laghing knomes helping others in aur homes.

Last sunday I saw turtles.

Today we got to see a famos basetball player and his name is Mel Davis.

Today after school I'm going to pick up to men from Australiya one of them was mom's boyfriend.

There is a big flood in Winipeg. And that is where my family lives. Yesturday I went to school well it wasn't really school it was Pre-school I made a clown at Pre-school.

Last night I got my Kids club t-shirt. This morning my baby brother was akting funny he was sitting down on the floor and I was holding him and he went PLOP! And he did that on purpise. And when he was standing he tipped his head backwords. And he was going back and front.

On Sunday I will where my Junior Soldier uniform it is black and white. I know almost all the peaple in my family and theese ar there names Mary, Lloyd, Mattheww Brian, Lyan, Kendra, Edna, Jhon, Elanor, Angela, Eddie, Andrew, grandma Taylor, grandma Rich, Poppa Rich, Kim, Gary, Bev, Andrew, Derle, Carle, Mel (smel), Kevin, Mom, Dad, Sarah, Philip, Chuck or Charle Brown. Sharl, Sharlen, Clinton, Ruth, and me.

My brother can crawl now and he can pull himself up. My dad is starting play BASEBALL. He is a good pitcher but he is a bad catcher and a bad hitter. This is the last page of my journal so goodbye see ya next week.