"I am happy,"
I say, surprise
Etched across. . .
My lips, upturned
And my furrowed brow
(wondering how that happened)
"It crept up
Stealthily, a panther,
And devoured me."
Or else, I would
Have known.

And I sit and ponder
(why me?)
What that means. . .
What if it decides
To spit me back out?
A loathsome hairball,
Or a glitch in its design:
Then where would I be?
(Nothing good can last)
In a putrid puddle, sopping
And streaming on the asphalt.
Better stop it,

Surely happiness
Didn't mean to find me.
I am not tasty enough
(or good enough)
To keep happy
Happy as well.
And surely, others
Deserve to be happy
More than someone
Like me
(not perfect).

A/NP: Dunno how it ended up in this format when I started it, but I decided to keep it.