EDIT: I gave it stanzas, seeing that FictionPress seems to like taking my stanzas away! I just figured it'll make it easier to read and give it a better/nicer form... Enjoy this fairly old poem of mine.

There's a line of people staring at you
Boxed in distress, not fantasy
You like to hide your face from authority
You'd like to rid your shame in chastely

From fear to fear a misery is shapen
From dusk to dawn a nightmare awakens
A last call to heaven lost in all hope
Hiding in darkness is how you cope

You fear the dark yet it's your only friend
At this point you start to pretend
Nothing bothers you, nothing's wrong
You can cope, you are headstrong

To burn from within a lost misery discovered
A shallow beast, hollowed and angered
A lump down the drain the pain is eternal
Suffocated, locked in your own tensile

A murder committed, a past had been seen
The truth is forbidden and drowned in caffeine
Lose your soul and let it depart
Free yourself from the claw of the dart

A voice once hollered, a tension has risen
The lies uncovered stinks with urine
Gloomy is our hearts you drill with morphine
Stand up and rise, be no longer unseen

A ribbon to shatter a hoax with a peel
A speech you deliver a dream so unreal
You shallow yourself down to your knees
The lower you go, the less we are pleased

An opinion for you to hatch a dark scheme
A list of goodness – so you make it seem
Forgiveness you ask… forgiveness is funny
You are the reason we lack so much money

Forgiveness is a virtue, not a crime
Yet we are in prison most of the time
You dream of the future created from fiction
Planning already our death and destruction