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Chapter One: A Friend's Departure

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Rochelle Riverwood waited for someone else to answer the phone, unwilling to stop listening to her music. Finally, just before the last ring, she pulled off her headphones and picked up the phone.

"Hello?" she answered. Her voice made it plain she didn't want to be on the phone. None of her friends ever used the phone, so it was most likely one of her sisters many friends.

"It's Mrs. Jacobs… Have you heard anything about where Andy might be?" Even over the phone, Rochelle could tell she'd been crying for a while.

"What do you mean?" Rochelle replied, completely confused. Sure, Andy was her best friend, but he was Mrs. Jacobs's own kid, so why was she asking where he was?

Mrs. Jacobs sighed. "He… disappeared last Saturday night. He didn't even tell us he was leaving—we didn't even know until we went to tell him it was time for dinner, and he wasn't there. The police have been searching since then, but they haven't found anything. Do you know where he could be?" she asked again, desperately.

Rochelle didn't answer at first, too stunned. She had thought he would at least tell her if he was planning on running away or anything. Finally she said slowly, "No… I didn't even know he was gone…."

Giving a sad sniff, Mrs. Jacobs assured her, "Okay, well, I'm sure the police will find him. I'll tell you when I know more."

"Th—thanks." They hung up.

Why would he leave like that? He was really depressed, and he did hate his family, but still… he never talked about running away. Sighing, she turned on her computer and wrote an email to Andy.

Hey, Andy, your mom called and said you'd gone missing or something. What's up? Where are you, and why'd you leave? -Rochelle

She typed in both the email address Andy told his parents and the one he used for friends only, hoping he'd get at least one of them. Of course, it wasn't very likely that he was using the internet wherever he was now, but there was always a chance.

Sunday, November 36, 2006

Within five days, Rochelle still hadn't heard a thing from or about Andy. Worried as she'd been when she had first heard, now the shock had worn off and she was panicking. It was really depressing, too, having her only good friend gone with no word of return.

Near the end of the fifth day, the phone rang again. Hoping for good news but dreading the bad, Rochelle picked up the phone and answered it.

"Is--is your aunt there?" asked a crying voice Rochelle recognized as Mrs. Jacobs.

"Yes..." Rochelle answered, her hopes plummeting. Crying couldn't be a good sign. She found her aunt Allie, who she was staying with for the weekend, and gave her the phone. Ignoring the temptation to listen in, Rochelle went back to her room to wait.

Around twenty minutes later, Allie knocked on Rochelle's door. When she had permission, she came in. "I have... bad news," she announced softly. She had obviously been crying, too. That worried Rochelle, since Andy had been like an adopted son to Allie. "The police found out what happened to Andy..."

"What?!" Rochelle unintentionally snapped. She hated waiting for news of any kind.

"I'm sorry, I-I don't know how to say it nicely. He was found up in the mountains. He... he'd killed himself..." Allie finished, in little more than a whisper.

Horrified, Rochelle didn't reply. This was so unexpected. Sure, Andy had been depressed, but never enough to kill himself. She almost wished no one had found him, but she knew that wouldn't have been much better.

Allie came over and sat down next to Rochelle. "I'm really sorry," she told her. "Do you want me to stay, or do you need some time alone?"

"I'd rather be alone," Rochelle mumbled, not looking up. Allie nodded and left, allowing Rochelle to finally let herself cry.

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